The latest interview with SEC chairman Gary Gensler has shaken the crypto industry once again. when he said Although it has not yet been officially classified. But all cryptocurrencies are classified as securities. Except Bitcoin only

Gary Gensler’s point of view is not a legal ruling.

Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), told New York Magazine on February 23 that Beyond Bitcoin All cryptocurrencies are classified as securities.

He also added that There are websites and investor groups that set up offshore corporate companies to avoid taxes. Including the establishment of a foundation that can be used to fight legal cases and cause difficulties in the field of law enforcement. But in summary There is a group of people who use complex and not transparent mechanisms. to promote their tokens and attract investors This makes Bitcoin different from other cryptocurrencies. Due to its unique history and origin

Jake Sherwinsky, lawyer and chief policy officer at the Blockchain Association argued that Gensler’s opinion is not a law. Although he has authority in regulators, the SEC does not have any regulatory authority. Until a court case proves for each asset why it is classified as a security.

US crypto regulations still unclear

over the years There are many tokens being sued by US regulators. because it is classified as unregistered securities Let’s start with Ripple Labs’ XRP litigation in December 2020.

However, the US SEC does not formally legislate and classify crypto assets. This led to the majority of the crypto community noting that this is not an effective or fair regulatory approach, which the SEC continues to actively target and investigate crypto companies. Whether or not there is jurisdiction to enforce the law.

Gabriel Shapiro, advisor to investment firm Delphi Labs, commented: Listing with the SEC is not only too expensive for token creators. But there is still no clear path for those tokens to be registered. If registration is not possible And many companies have to pay huge fines. Including stopping work on the protocol This is ecosystem-destroying and means 12,305 lawsuits.

Investing in digital assets is very risky and volatile. Investors should diversify their risks. research and plan investments carefully This article is for informational purposes only.



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