Golden Kamuy“was being one of the most outstanding Anime of the last fall season until a misfortune occurred that no one could predict: a key member of the Brain’s Base team passed away, the person in charge of animating this season in question. Logically, beyond the emotional and psychological impact that this could have on the rest of the members, the reality is that there was an important gap in terms of production. Now, several months after this, it has been reported when season 4 of the Anime will start again.

The Golden Kamuy Anime returns with its season 4 in just over a month

Then I leave you with all the information that has picked up the AIR team based on the most recent official statement for the “Golden Kamuy” Anime:

  • Basically, it confirms that Golden Kamuy Anime Season 4 Restarts From April 3, 2023. 😍
  • And yes, when I say ‘start again’ it is because the broadcast will start from the first of the episodes of the season, thus making it a full-fledged spring 2023 Anime. 😲
  • So, when will episodes of the Golden Kamuy Anime arrive that we haven’t seen yet? Well, if everything goes as normal, It should be around the end of May/beginning of June 2023 that we already have a new unaired episode. 🤔
  • How many episodes will this season 4 have in total? At the time it was anticipated that would conclude with 13 episodes. This means that we have about half of the season yet to see. 👌

And as for whether this season 4 will be the last of the “Golden Kamuy” Anime, I would say that there is no official statement about it, but I would assume that we still have one more to come. In the end, the first 3 seasons covered the first 20 volumes of the Manga, which ended at the time with 31 volumes. Doing a little math and seeing that all the seasons have had more or less the same length, It seems that there would still be a few free volumes to adapt that would justify a fifth and final season of “Golden Kamuy”.


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