Santa Marinella – “A representation of the inhabitants of the Perazzeta area welcomed us warmly and with applause and this has really repaid us for all the efforts made to reach a very important goal, which will lead within a few months, not only to the birth of all the new sewage system missing today, but also to a total redevelopment of this district of Santa Marinella”.

This was stated by Mayor Tidei immediately after cutting the ribbon of the new construction site that has been underway since yesterday morning in the Perazzeta area. “I do not deny that completing all the procedures before starting these first excavation works was not easy. We had to overcome numerous technical and bureaucratic obstacles but with perseverance, we did not give up, and today we are happy because an investment of millions of euros has finally been launched in the area, thanks to Acea, which has been awaited for over 50 years.

All residents of this area are citizens who pay taxes and therefore had the right to obtain all the services and infrastructures that a now populous neighborhood must be able to guarantee. Assuming all responsibility, I also issued an ordinance to bring forward the start of the works which, in this first phase, will last approximately four months. Subsequently, the creation of the new sewage collector and the expansion of via della Perazzeta will proceed, which will also be more illuminated.

To be exact, no less than seven roads will be affected by the excavations to create the consequent sewer connections, namely via Stella Polare, via Andromeda, via Antares, via Orione, via delle Pleiadi, via dell’Orsa Minore and via dell’Orsa Maggiore”.

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