Sanrio Launches Anime Series Featuring Messy Furry Mascot Bosanimal – Interest – Anime News Network


The fur is so fluffy that at first glance, you have to turn around to see what it was before.

Japanese mascot company Sanrio has announced an anime series starring its mascot Bosanimal, which will premiere in April on Fuji TV’s Nonstop segment. Let’s watch an example.

As for Bosanimal, the mascot’s name comes from a play on the Japanese word bosa bosa for dogs with messy hair. giving it the shape of animals with messy fur The characters debuted in 2021. The anime will focus on the daily lives of three characters: Sakura the rabbit, Cathy the cat, and Ran Sanrio the hamster.

The anime will be directed by Isamu Ueno (Zannen Onna Kanbu Black General-san). Under the scripts of Kumamoto Hiromi, Satsuki Aya and Chihiro Amano, the anime will be produced at studios maroyaka, soket and ODDJOB.Inc.

Source : Comic Natalie


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