Samurai Maiden is an action game by the developers of SHADE. That received a lot of buzz, the game was released on December 8, 2022, which the price is quite high. with a normal price of 2,090 baht Causing many gamers to be restrained to buy and play But today it seems to be on the way because Steam is holding a discount promotion for this game. That said, let’s go and see the details together.


within the game Samurai Maiden Players take on the role of Tamaori Tsumugi, a female high school student.who experienced some events and was sucked into the Sengoku era and emerges at the burning Honnoji Temple Ready to face the devils So she has to work with her friends to deal with them. The game has a fun gameplay, fun combos.


which now way Steam is having a 20% off sale on this game. Only 1,672 baht left! However, the discount promotion will end on March 7, 2023 for any friends who are interested can enter.See more details of this game at the link.

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