Some people say that their Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phones won’t connect to the internet.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and have found that you just can’t seem to get it to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi? As weird as it sounds, you aren’t the only one suffering from connectivity issues when using Samsung’s hottest flagship device.

Samsung only made the Galaxy S23 lineup available to buy earlier in February, but there are already reports that some people just can’t make the best model connect to their home networks and actually talk to the internet. Something that is less than ideal when you’ve just picked up the flashiest phone Samsung makes.

A number of people on social networks have reported the same issue – their phone connects to their home Wi-Fi but can’t transmit or receive any data over the internet. Android Central reports that one Reddit user says that they can’t get beyond a “Connected without internet” message. Notably, they say that they bought two Galaxy S23 Ultras and only one is misbehaving in this way.

There might be some good news, though. They say that they reached out to Samsung support and were told that the company is “well aware of the issue” and that it’s working on a fix. What’s more, they were reportedly told to expect a fix in the next software update.

This issue seems to only affect people who have Wi-Fi 6 routers, and there does seem to be a fix. Turning off “802.11ax capabilities” and/or WPA3 security does reportedly get those bits flowing properly, but neither of those ideas sounds like a good one. Especially considering that the issue only seems to be impacting one device on your network.

While it’s obviously good news that Samsung is aware of what’s going on, Android Central does have a point – that might not be good enough for some. By the time the March 2023 update lands, there’s a chance people will be outside of their return window. And that could mean being stuck with a phone that simply won’t connect to the internet at home.


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