Although we are currently in the Showdown Series and SBC’s arrive like those of Henrichs and Bynoe-Gittens; The Road to the Final will also be part of FIFA 23 news from time to time because some of them will receive improvements.

In fact, last week we had the first upgrades (although some came a little later). And those stat updates have caused certain footballers are now even more competitive.

A few days ago we already published a post about RTTF that we found interesting. But some of them were successful in their European competitions and after the boosts they received, now they are even more valuable. That’s why we want to recommend different Ultimate Team cards again.

Although logically, you should be aware that signing these footballers has a certain risk. Because since they are dynamic versions, it will probably be easier for their prices to change a lot. For example, it was what happened with Ferran Torres. Maybe the same thing will happen with some of them, but we can’t predict if it will happen or not. Although for what they currently cost, we do recommend them.

FIFA 23 RTTF that we recommend even more after the upgrades

Philip Anderson

Stats in game Felipe Anderson RTTF 87 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: RD and MD. Its current price is 78,000 coins on the global market and 80,000 on PC. He has four stars in skills and a bad leg, high / high work rate, own Body Type, is 1’75 and right-handed. We recommend using it with Hunter or Motor.

The two-point improvement felt great because before he was weak in finishing, he was 80 and he was not very sure when shooting. But now he’s up to 83 and on the field he’s more effective thanks to his 90 shot power. Apart from the fact that he reached 73 strength to be more dangerous in the race, and his vision reached 87 to be quite reliable with assists.

Combining 93 acceleration and sprint, we could even use him with Motor if he’s going to play as a pure winger who rarely shoots. While up front or as an CAM, with Hunter as chemistry performs quite well despite its low cost. Because his speed reaches perfection, he meets the stars, he is quite fine when dribbling and does not clash when shooting or when sending.

Felipe Anderson RTTF reminds Ferrán Torres because, without being a top attacker in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, he is an excellent low cost alternative. That is to say, someone very affordable but who despite this works against demanding rivals. It does not suffer from serious deficiencies and has many qualities.

youcef atal

Stats in game Atal RTTF 88 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LD, CAD, MD and CDM. Its current price is 296,000 coins on the global market and 315,000 on PC. He has four stars for skills and five for bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’75 and right-handed. We recommend using it with Anchor or Powerful.

We tested him before the upgrade and he was already convincing as a box-to-box midfielder. Now it has received a small boost, it is not very exaggerated but anyway we appreciate it and keep it interesting.

In FIFA 23, using very precise midfielders with the balls into space is quite useful. That’s why his 85 vision and 82 long pass are a bit low. But it is not a big problem because, thanks to its 93 natural rhythm, you could apply Powerful as a chemistry to make it even better as an assistant. Apart from that, with that style, he will reach a 94 interception (+8) and 99 steals (+15).

John Miranda

Stats in game Miranda RTTF 88 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LI and CAI. Its current price is 80,000 coins on the global market and 99,000 on PC. He has three stars in skills and a bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Tall and balanced Body Type +, is 1’85 and left-handed. We advise using it with Shadow.

Before the upgrade, we already said that we considered it one of the great bargains of FIFA 23. It seems that now it attracts more attention because its price has increased, but we recommend it anyway. It’s still worth it his defensive stats are impressive for a full-back. She already reaches 99 pace with Sombra as a chemistry, and her strength seems superior on the field for being 1’85.

Apart from that Miranda RTTF can also be useful in attack because, although his height makes him rougher, He has dribbling and passing numbers worthy of an attacker. For such an affordable LI to combine 86 agility, 90 dribbling, and 90 ball control is incredible. And the vision (84), short pass (85) and long pass (83) stats are remarkable in his position.

I wish the work rate wasn’t medium/medium and exceeded three stars for skills or a bad leg. But despite that, It is an excellent player at a very low price. And because he is Spanish from LaLiga Santander, it is not difficult to include him in hybrids.

Giacomo Raspadori

Stats in game Raspadori RTTF 88 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC, SD and MCO. Its current price is 300,000 coins on the global market and 327,000 on PC. He has four stars for skills and five for bad leg, high/low work rate, Balanced Body Type, is 1’72 and right-handed. We recommend using it with Hunter.

We did not include it in the previous article because its price rose a lot over the days. So, with the stats he had before, he didn’t seem so interesting to us because in the long runs he was weak and his dribbling was not exquisite either. However, after the victory of his team, has received a valuable +2 average that is very appreciated and made a considerable leap in quality.

Right now it’s worth 300,000 coins on the general market, It is a high cost and we assume that you will have some risk. It is likely that, if they were eliminated in the return, their price would drop a lot. But they are in a good situation, they won 0-2 away from home.

Although we don’t know what will happen to its cost in FIFA 23, Raspadori RTTF is already quite an interesting striker despite being somewhat expensive. He only complies in the long races because he barely reaches 95 sprint with Cazador, in those actions he is far from being top. But in short distances, he is a special footballer.

Although his dribbling is unbalanced against agility (85), he is not someone very clumsy. And above all heo We recommend it for its precision both when shooting and when assisting. Combine 99 finishing and 93 shot power (after applying the style) with five stars of bad leg. That is why he is a great scorer, very reliable in front of goal and who knows how to generate his own chances. But also, he is a luxury assistant for his 92 in vision and his 94 short pass.

The commented prices are set by Remember that on our Telegram broadcast channel We notify you immediately every time we upload content related to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And here we leave you the prediction of the next Team of the Week. All the best!


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