Rome – Community placement for the youngest son of the Filipino arrested for the murder of Michael Lee Pon, which took place on the evening of last February 19 in Rome near the square of the Valle Aurelia railway station. The 16-year-old is seriously suspected of having committed the murder in competition with his father. The precautionary measure, issued by the gip of the Juvenile Court of Rome, at the request of the Prosecutor for minors, was carried out by the policemen of the Mobile Squad of the Rome Police Headquarters.

The Filipino accused of the murder of his compatriot in recent days had published two videos on social media before going to the police force. In the two videos, lasting about a minute, the man asks his relatives to “take care” of his son while he is “in prison” and says he did not give himself up immediately because he was “afraid of going there without a lawyer”.

The man was detained, ordered by the prosecutor who coordinates the investigations entrusted to the policemen of the Flying Squad. The victim was killed with stab wounds to the abdomen. Investigators heard several witnesses and analyzed cameras in the area. (source Adnkronos)

For the record, and for the protection of those under investigation, we recall that an accusation is not equivalent to a conviction, that the evidence is formed in the Court and that the Italian judicial system in any case provides for three levels of judgement.

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