Ostia – “After a (short) period in which he had tried to understand the transport situation in Rome and in particular of the Rome Lido, the Capitoline councilor for Mobility Patané quickly washed his hands of it: with the excuse that Atac was leaving from the game, the ex-granted railways would no longer concern him”. Thus, in a press release the Rome Ostia commuter committee, he thunders against the Campidoglio, recalling that on 21 February the same councilor “was called to answer a question from the councilor Francesco Carpano, regarding the 2 trains from Metro A, from the same manufacturer CAF, model 300, manufacturing batch and supply period, of the 8 already passed years ago to the Lido from the Metro A. These 2 trains are urgently requested for a year and a halfbut also from years before, since he was a member and then President of the VI Regional Transport Commission”.

“Deliberately limiting myself to saying (cf. min. 57 and 30 sec. Capitolina Ass. registration) that ‘from the date of Cotral’s takeover (1/7/22) neither that company, nor the Region itself, have formalized a request to move the two trains‘, the councilor let it be understood that it had never been requested, glossing over and forgetting how many documents and requests, including institutional ones, had been received from many local and regional political exponents since his inauguration.

“We don’t know if the answer is the result of a precise will to ignore the question or something else – underlines the Committee -. But we think it’s the first option. To support our orientation we bring, as always, concrete facts, which the Councilor has ignored. Fact n.1: on 16 December 2021 in the Extraordinary Council of Municipality X on the proposal for the passage of 2 trains from Metro A to Rome Lido, in the presence of Patané himself, Atac, the Region, Ansfisa, the Commuter Committee, Atac said which technically could be done and Dr. Nicola Passanisi, chief of staff of the outgoing regional councilor for transport, Mauro Alessandri, and exponent of his own party, officially declared the agreement of his Assessor with the hypothesis and clarified that the Region would financed the train adaptation works.

Fact n.2: on that occasion iThe Municipal Council of the X approved, without votes against, the motion n. 39 with the request for 2 trains. Fact n.3: in February 2022 the Capitoline Assembly, as part of the approval of the assembly resolution n.14/2022 of the PUMS of Rome Capital, unanimously voted on Agenda n. 1 of 2/14/2022, prot. no. RQ/2495, which required the evaluation “of the movement and adaptation of two trains from the Rome underground on the former Rome-Lido railway”.

Fact n.4: on 15 March 2022 the Council of the IX Municipality, in the presence of the Commuters Committee, voted unanimously, with 20 votes in favor – no against and no abstentions,, the Resolution n.9/22, which committed the President and Assessor of the Town Hall to take action with the Mayor and the competent Assessor so that they would work “…each for their own competences and by virtue of the agreement signed between the parties, in order to: – urgently mandate Atac to adapt, in the Magliana workshops, the running boards and the pantograph frame of two Caf300 trains to use them on the Rome – Lido together with two other convoys, …”.

Fact n.5: May 12, 2022 was written a formal request for the 2 trains from Metro A to commissioner Patané, signed by the President of Municipality X and the President of the Mobility Commission of Municipality X. Fact no. 6: on 22 December 2022 a memorandum was sent to Mayor Gualtieri and, for information, also to the Capitoline Assessor, which accompanied 23 thousand signatures, collected under the Popular Petition in which the 2 trains from Metro A were also requested. Fact n.7: on 18 January 2023 the same memorandum was delivered to the Assessor, with a copy of the 23,000 signatures collected with the aforementioned Petition”.

“As you can see – explains the Commuters Committee – there are at least 7 official facts and documents, not counting the many times thatthe request from the Roma Ostia Commuter Committee was directly requested, or the meeting that took place with the Municipal Councillors, who had occupied the Council Chamber of the X, or the many others in which the competent leaders of the X Municipality (of the same Assessor’s Party) also made the request, clear and incontrovertible. “Juridical” acts/facts that the Assessor cannot deny, nor should he ignore.

In conclusion, we can deduce that either we don’t want to give trains or that the things said don’t coincide with reality. The voice of elected institutions and 23,000 citizens cannot be ignored. These citizens are now the “survivors” of the sea of ​​disservices that led to the reduction of almost 50% of regular travelers present until 2019, because our “sustainable capacity limit”
(words spoken in the Chamber) we have already had laundry on the Lido for years. Thousands of inhabitants of Ostia and Acilia were brought definitively give up the use of public transport.

On the Lido we have gone from an “average daily availability of rolling stock” not from 30 to 24 trains, as on Metro A (80%), or from 28 to 21, as on Metro B (75%): on the Lido it has gone from 10 to 5 trains on average in line to do the service (50% of what was and would be needed). With the documents mentioned above, the Commuter Committee has never requested the transfer of CAF400 series trains, nor has it ever requested the passage of CAF from Metro B, which as direct users Since we know what it is appropriate to ask for the good of public transport of All Rome and not only of the “ZTL-centrico-Rolex/GoldPass” nucleus, with those deeds we have clearly identified only 2 CAF300 convoys from Metro A alone and that’s it”.

The Rome Ostia Commuter Committee will go ahead with the request, the only one able to reduce the suffering of travelers for the next 24 months, – they conclude – while departments, the Region and the Municipality, together with the line management companies in recent years have not been able to get a spider out of the hole”.

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