Rocca, it’s the day of the proclamation: the new Regional Council is revealed


Rome – We will have to wait a few more hours to see the proclamation and inauguration of Francesco Rocca as the new governor of Lazio. Rocca will in fact be proclaimed president on Thursday 2 March, when at 11.00 he will go to the Court of Appeal of Rome in via Varisco. This will be followed by the inauguration in the headquarters of the Lazio Region in via Cristoforo Colombo, starting at 12.00, with a subsequent press conference in the Tiber room

Last morning the Court of Appeal of Romeafter receiving the voting reports from the central polling station, summoned the party list representatives and gave them two communications: No problems were found regarding the vote in the provinces of Latina, Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo. However, they were found instead of inconsistencies, with respect to the papers arrived from the central seat, as regards the Province of Rome. This led the judges to take a few more hours of time for the due checks which delayed everything. The proclamation of the regional councilors, on the other hand, is postponed to next week, causing the first session of the regional council to be moved to 20 March (instead of 13).

At the moment the most probable scheme, considering the weight in the Council of the various coalition forces in support, would see 6 or 7 of the 10 councilors in the orbit of the Brothers of Italy, one to the League (in addition to the presidency of the Chamber), the vice-presidency of the Region (with an important delegation) and another Forza Italia department.

The League is pushing for two departments, in addition to the presidency of the Chamber, also to give space (together with Pasquale Ciacciarelli, who remained out despite the over 15 thousand votes taken in the Frosinone constituency) also to Tony Bruognolo, secretary of the party in the Metropolitan City of Rome, and first of the non-elected in the former Capital Province. However, it is probable that if Salvini’s party gets two councilors one of these will have to be a woman: in this sense the name of the MEP Cinzia Bonfrisco is circulating, who will see her mandate expire in 2024.

Also Come on Italy he will presumably have to give his contribution to achieve the goal of 4 “women’s quotas” in the Giunta, for now what seems certain is that one of the former councilor Giuseppe Simeone and the newly elected Cosmo Mitrano will enter the executive for the Azzurri ( both from the province of Latina, fiefdom of the regional coordinator Claudio Fazzone).

The rest will all be in the hands of the Brothers of Italy. Healthcare should keep Rocca at least in the initial phase. For the other places, the most popular names are those of Roberta Angelilli, Massimiliano Maselli, Fabrizio Ghera, Giancarlo Righini (hovering between the Budget, Agriculture and the Pnrr) and Laura Corrotti.

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