On February 22, Robert Kiyosaki, investor and best-selling author, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ In an interview with Kitco News, he said, “I am buying Bitcoin because I have lost my faith in the dollar scam!”

Robert continues to warn that the dollar is continuing to weaken. as a result of The Federal Reserve has been printing such money in huge numbers over the years.

Robert continued: “The days when the dollar was as stable as gold are gone. Because now we are facing financial problems all over the world. Which made me worry that the US’s heyday is coming to an end.”

But on the other hand, Robert sees the value of Bitcoin and other precious metals. such as silver and gold will continue to be sustainable. Robert pointed out that although the price of Bitcoin has crashed many times, it always returns to a higher value.

In addition, on February 13, the past Robert has also posted a message on his personal twitter. It predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach a new high of $500,000 by 2025.

Robert has long been a supporter of Bitcoin, having posted on his Twitter account earlier this year that he was “buying more Bitcoin” while looking at crypto. Other currencies (Altcoins) will eventually be eliminated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).



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