Rising Heroes Season Schedule and Rewards


Pokémon GO will offer us a lot of events in March, of which it has already been presented Target Capture. This will allow us catch Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop shiny. In addition, this month the new season begins, Rising Heroes. This will mean the GO Fighting League restart.

Today I come precisely to talk to you about the new season of the GO Fighting Leaguewhich will also be called Rising Heroes. The character whose clothes we can get in this new competition is jerichorwhich we have been able to see recently in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl. Let me tell you this and more details of the new League below.

GO Fighting League Heroes Rising Season Schedule

In these images you have all the relevant dates:

GO Battle Days

These are the dates on which we can enjoy these combat events:

  • Jericor Day (Saturday March 25): we can get Jericor’s gloves. 🗓
  • Stardust Day (Sunday, May 14): we will have a special investigation for €0.99 with which we can earn more of this valued powder. 🗓

GO Battle League Heroes Rising Season Rewards

These are all the prizes that we can get by ranking up in the competition:


We will have guaranteed encounters when reaching certain ranks:

  • Rank 1: dragoniar 🐲
  • Rank 6: Mareanie ☠️
  • Cool Rank: Axew 🐲
  • Veteran Rank: Noibat 🦇
  • Expert Rank: goomy 🐲
  • Legend Rank: free pikachu ⚡️🥊

Also we can find different species depending on the rank we reach.

Pokémon GO Fighting League Rising Heroes Calendar meetings
Possible encounters as you rank up

Jericho’s clothing

The different clothes that make up this Trainer’s outfit will be the rewards for reaching certain ranks:

  • Cool Rank: T-shirt 👕
  • Veteran Rank: Shoes 👟
  • Expert Rank: Pants 👖
  • Legend Rank: Pose 🕺🏼
  • In addition, upon reaching Rank 19 we will receive a charged attack elite TM. 📀
Jericor Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl
Jericor in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl

New attacks for some Pokémon

Some creatures will have access to movements hitherto inaccessible to them:

  • Loud: rumble 💥
  • Flygon: rumble 💥
  • Kommo-o: rumble 💥
  • Whimsicott: Fairy Wind 🌬
  • Jellicent: surfing 🌊
Noivern Rumble Pokemon GO
Noivern using Rumble

And here comes the information about what we will see in this GO Fighting League season of Pokémon GOcall Rising Heroes. Are you going to compete at the top? What rank do you think you can reach? I read you in the comments!


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