Around 109,830 inhabitants of the Juares parish in the Lara state (Barquisimeto) already have an express communication channel which guarantees them greater housing, productive and recreational dynamism within the Iribarren municipality.

Wilfredo Torres, president of the Lara State Highway Institute (Invilara) reported that the new road infrastructure was successfully completed.

Among the inhabitants and producers benefited are those who live in Río Claro, El Plan, La Cuchilla, Cerro Arriba, Cerro Abajo, Botucal, Cocodrilo, Guamacire, Guayamure, El Portachuelo, Piedra del Tigre, Riecito, Sabanas Matías, Quebrada de Oro , Portachuelo Abajo and La Quinta.

He also outlined that the sectors are “highly productive” given their dedication to coffee, beans, tomato, potato, avocado and onion crops.

Juares is one of the ten parishes that give political-territorial floor to the jurisdiction of Iribarren and is characterized by its leafy lands and suitable for growing vegetables and agricultural activity.

Torres recalled that the aforementioned main road of the Juares parish had been affected due to the saturation of the land due to seepage from surrounding lagoons.

Therefore, forcing immediate attention with engineering works to guarantee the normal circulation of vehicles through a new variant or alternate road.

He also asserted that in 72 hours the work was able to solve the emergency, taking as a framework compliance with the seventh line of work instructed by the Government of President Nicolás Maduro, related to the care of infrastructure and public services.


Regarding the patching plan that began in 2023, Torres specified that it was initiated in the Jiménez (Quibor) and Iribarren (Barquisimeto) municipalities with the placement of 156 tons of asphalt.

For such sectorized patching works, he indicated the contribution in material through the Gran Misión Venezuela Bella, through which the road recovery of the Lara entity is promoted.

Santa Rosa

One of the parishes intervened at the beginning of the year in the Iribarren municipality was Santa Rosa, only there 111 tons were applied, also improving the roads in several sections of the exit of the Lara state (Barquisimeto) towards the neighboring entities of Yaracuy (San Felipe) and Portuguese (Guanare).


In coordination with the Mayor’s Office of the Jiménez Municipality (Quibor), the aforementioned highway institute managed to rehabilitate part of the roads in the La Florida sectors and on Avenida 6 between streets 7 and 8 of the Juan Bautista Rodríguez parish, where it emptied 45 tons of asphalt.

The crews of qualified workers carried out the preparation of the surface, irrigation of adherence, placement of asphalt mix and compaction of the bearing layer.


As regards the municipality of Crespo (Duaca), the head of Invilara reported the support provided to the local Executive of Crespo in the formation and conditioning of the access road to the landfill located in the Padre Oreni sector.

He also explained that a solid waste mobilization process was carried out seeking to contribute to the clearing of their areas.


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