Wild Tales was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Oscars

Ricardo Darin He is not only one of the best Argentine actors in all of history; he is also a fundamental face of the film industry internationally. And now he is in the news because the last film of him as the protagonist, Argentina 1985has received a well-deserved nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2023 Oscars. For this reason, and before the gala is held at dawn from March 12 to 13 Spanish time, I encourage you to see wild talesthe best movie of Ricardo Darin for a server and that is available from Spain in Prime Video (and on other platforms streaming).

Trailer and synopsis of Wild Tales

It doesn’t really make much sense to give a synopsis of wild tales when the movie Damian Szifron consists of six independent episodes. However, in all of them, intrigue, comedy and violence prevail. Because if there is something that characterizes wild talesit is precisely how ‘wild’ it is in every way. All the characters that star in these ‘stories’ will be pushed towards the abyss and towards the undeniable pleasure of losing control completely.

Why is it worth watching Wild Tales on Prime Video?

I’m not going to be objective with this headline because wild tales It is one of my favorite movies. I think what your director got, Damian SzifronIt’s from another planet. Not liking episodic movies, the six stories that are part of Wild Tales maintain interest at all timeswithout exception. And it is the greatest achievement of a critique of the way in which society behaves. What’s more, I recommend seeing it now that it is 9 years since its premiere, because her acid humor and her constant reflections are still topical.

Beyond how interesting a script divided into independent stories is, wild tales It also works on the beat. On the one hand, because the editing is frantic and an effort to assert Argentine cinema on the international scene is noticeable. It is an industry that is very worthwhile and that we should all see more often. And on the other hand, the cast is splendid. This is where I have to mention Ricardo Darinthe most international Argentine actor, just as he is Penelope Cruz either Javier Bardem in Spain. The work he does in Wild Tales, despite the little that appears on screen, is magnetic.

wild tales
Wild Tales is available on Prime Video, HBO Max and Netflix

Other streaming platforms where you can watch Wild Tales

It just so happens that I saw wild tales this week in Prime Videobut This Argentine film is also present on other streaming platforms. I leave you with the links below so that you can locate it easily:

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