Rome – In the past year, as the effects of the pandemic and the global health emergency, which had necessarily conditioned and reoriented management decisions and the overall action of the Agency during the years 2020 and 2021, the officials of the Rome Customs Office 1 they have been able to bring back an “extraordinary” action at the service of the country and its citizens.

However, it should be noted that the commitment of the officials and of the Office was certainly never limited to management of the Covid emergencyeven in the toughest years of the pandemic, since the trade flows of all the other goods necessary for industrial production and those of the agri-food chain continued and were managed without penalizing the economic operators of these sectors.

2022 was a year of comforting and impetuous recovery of trade and, therefore, of customs activity. Particular effort has therefore been made by the officials in the controls of the “e-commerce” chains, which has found ample space to increase the already important market share acquired in the recent past; controls made necessary for the protection of consumer health, the genuineness of products with a controlled supply chain, Made in Italy and, lastly, to ensure fairness, legitimacy and a level playing field in the internal market for all national and non-national operators. Controls that have originated, being aimed at the protection of the market and consumers and above all of honest and serious economic operators, the following impact.

– 8.117 passenger controls at Ciampino airport;

– 918.703 import/export declarations of air couriers managed at Ciampino airport;

– 11.338 tax refund requests (VAT refund for purchases made in Italy by non-residents and non-domiciled subjects in the European Union) managed at Ciampino airport; – 107 VAT checks and ceilings;

– 2.076 anti-counterfeiting checks;

– 991 product safety checks;

24 sub-billing checks;

1,474,997 import declarations in the field of e-commerce handled;

2,000 anti-fraud controls managed in the e-commerce sector;

26,425 other import/export declarations managed in sectors other than the Pomezia and Rome East sections.

In 2022, the Office also supported the economic entrepreneurial activities of the area, guaranteeing operators, with attention to needs and punctuality in the service, reimbursement in compensation (to be used therefore through F24 to pay taxes or social security charges), or in cash, facilitations for the use of products subject to excise duty. The results which, from the point of view of facilitating economic activities, can be most appreciated are:

– 11 authorizations for the “Global Guarantee” (authorization issued by the Agency to a company for customs obligations corresponding to two or more operations, declarations or customs procedures) issued.

– 167 customs authorizations issued;

– 450 authorizations/operating licenses/transfers issued in the excise sector;

– 24 revocations/denials/suspensions of authorizations in the excise sector;

– 3,500 licenses for the administration of alcoholic beverages (small sale) issued in the excise sector;

– 8,000 refunds to taxi license holders;

– 2,742 refunds to national and EU hauliers;

– 65 other refunds (duties/miscellaneous excise duties/interest);

– no complaints made by users;

– the total refunds paid by the Rome 1 Customs Office amounted to 13,726,940.50 million euros.

The data show how, in particular, operators in the excise sector, including road haulage companies and taxi drivers, in the area of ​​Rome and the province, despite the tax discount introduced between March and December 2022 following the well-known red events -Ukrainians, received re-credits during 2022 (including compensation, value of tax vouchers and cash) for almost 14 million euros. It is therefore money or equivalent value flowed directly, by bank transfer, to the accounts of the operators and therefore of fundamental support to the economy of those sectors and of the entire country in a moment of very serious difficulty caused by the pandemic and the consequent economic crisis. financial and social, of global dimensions, triggered by Covid-19 and then continued with the supply crisis following the Russian-Ukrainian war.
In total, the Customs Office of Rome 1 has collected, in the control and management of trade flows in the Roma Capitale area, the following amounts transferred to the Treasury:
– –

Between –
– – –
Between –

823,578,585.58 million euro as sums collected by the Office and transferred to the budget chapters in the customs sector;
Three billion and 117 million euros of revenues for all purposes in the excise sector, of which approximately 1,500,000,000.00 euros deriving from excise duties on energy products, 530,000,000 euros from excise duties on natural gas, 995,000,000 euros deriving from excise duties on electric energy; 9,314,852.52 million euro of additional revenue transferred to the Office’s current account;
numbers that instead signal the intervention of the Office to protect the Treasury include: 21 enforcement of guarantees activated;
617 entries in the role (payment notices/sanctioning deeds;
263 payment notices notified;
10 million euro total amount of payment notices.
Finally, the main objectives achieved in the direct fight against illegal activities include:
€50,389,824.00 million in rights ascertained by VAT/intra-limit checks; 6 vehicles seized/confiscated.

The Agency’s commitment continues in all sectors of intervention, for the protection of citizens, the health and safety of the community and operators, at the service of the country.

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