In 18 municipalities of the Anzoátegui state, the “purple points” were activated for the formation, organization and registration of the Feminist Councils, “an organization that will allow them to achieve new achievements in the policies promoted by the revolutionary government.”

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Carmen Márquez, reported that the service points were installed in the Bolívar squares of each jurisdiction, with the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality as the governing body of the process.

Márquez explained that with the officialization of these entities, it seeks to “guarantee the territorialization of policies on the protection of women.”

Register of Feminist Councils

The parliamentarian highlighted the massive and extraordinary participation of Anzoatiguense women, “who have been the driving force behind transformations in the revolutionary process and the first combatant Marcia Moreno and the feminist governor Luis José Marcano at the forefront.”

village woman

The call was attended by representatives and members of the different movements and groups of the Unamujer platform in Anzoátegui, among which “Argelia Laya”, “Manuelita Saenz”, humanized childbirth, cooks of the homeland, the Fernanda Bolaños Front and Psuv Mujer stand out.

The parliamentarian said that in these new instances women will have a leading role and voice in decision-making, in the territorial and sectoral spheres.

“There are two types of Feminist Councils, the territorial ones formed within the street, neighborhood or commune and the sectoral ones, where workers, fishermen, professionals, Afro-descendants, indigenous people, cultivators and transporters, among many others, form a fundamental part,” she pointed out. the parliamentarian

For her part, the regional head of the National Union of Women of Venezuela (Unamujer), Ana Moreno, specified that the registry will be permanent until the year 2024 digitally through the platform

For the also journalist, the feminist Councils “are new organizational instances of women to bring to each instance the public policies of the female people, as well as spaces for feminist and socio-productive training, also in matters of gender violence.”

Registration in Barcelona active

From the Plaza Bolívar in Barcelona, ​​young women, adults, students, communes, Women’s Community Centers (CCM), workers, women’s and educational fronts, delivered their form for the registration of the Feminist Councils of the state capital Anzoátegui.

María Valezca Cotua, representative of young women, specified that in the state they hope to register two thousand women from the 21 municipalities.

The activity was attended by the director of the unit for the prevention and care of women victims of violence in Unamujer, Sul Lamon; Marina Martínez, sole authority of the women’s people in the state; and Tibisay Fernández, director of the Municipal Institute for Women (Immujer).

From Ciudad Orinoco promote the Feminist Councils

Representatives of the different women’s movements came to Bolívar Square in Ciudad Orinoco, in the Independencia municipality, to promote the formation and registration of the Feminist Councils, as part of the tasks entrusted by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, with in order to bring together the different feminist organizations of the municipality.

The activity in that municipality was directed by the first combatant of the municipality, María Esther de Rodríguez, who pointed out the importance of female participation “following the guidelines of our President Nicolás Maduro and our Minister for Women, Diva Guzmán, we have started the Registry in Ciudad Orinoco of the Feminist Councils, to build and organize from any space policies designed for the protection of women, “he added.

For her part, Maolis Rutte, as municipal liaison for the formation of the feminist councils, highlighted “the Feminist Councils will allow us a better organization from the local level, thereby ensuring maximum social protection and the empowerment of government policies. The goal is to achieve the creation of 800 Feminist Councils in the Independencia municipality, ”said Rutte.


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