For SMEs entrepreneurs, one of the key factors in expanding their business is access to ‘opportunities’ that they can learn from in the real field by trial and error before growing into a big tree.

which for ‘Central Pattana’, the important strategy that has been placed is Opportunities With Purpose through creating ‘opportunities’ to develop people, develop cities, develop the country and elevate the retail industry in Thailand.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana Executive Vice President Marketing Division, Central Pattana Public Company Limited, projected that the potential of new generation Thai entrepreneurs today all have potential, but may lack opportunities and experience. Many people are successful online. but does not have a physical storefront

Even if you want to expand the offline market, but you don’t have Know-How, for this reason, Central Pattana would like to help develop and bring entrepreneurs’ potential to have the courage to think. Dare to do new things, step out of the Comfort Zone and help build on success for sustainable growth in Central Pattana’s ecosystem.

“We value partners. Therefore, End-to-End Solutions have been made in terms of Business to Business with various stores. to answer and support partners in every side of business And is the origin of the establishment of a B2B Marketing agency to help support the business’s marketing work in more depth. Not just generating sales but create sustainable growth together.”

‘Learn for real, do for real, grow for real’ through learning from real people in the retail industry.

Central Pattana’s intentions have been conveyed through the ‘LEAD Course’ (Leading Entrepreneur Advanced Development), a retail course that develops entrepreneurs to grow, differentiate and achieve sustainable success.

Emphasis is given to learners to create a ‘real learning, real work, real growth’ experience through learning from real experts in the retail industry like Central Pattana. Which has more than 40 years of experience in developing and managing projects in the form of Retail-Led Mixed-Use, including shopping centers, residences, office buildings and hotels, with the shopping center business having the largest market share in the country (NLA area 2.3 million square meters) with a total of 38 shopping centers. The businesses under the management of Central Pattana are diversified. Able to expand businesses in various dimensions, as well as have a strong business ecosystem with businesses under the Central Group. and partners from various businesses

“The LEAD course is not just a learning course. But it is one of our important business strategies to create a platform that brings new entrepreneurs into our strong business ecosystem. By helping to develop and extend the business for both small and large entrepreneurs. to be stable and sustainable through a variety of Total Business Solutions.”

The LEAD course took place in 4 generations, with numbers reflecting success as follows:

  • Network of more than 150 new brands
  • over 70% success
  • The value of business growth is more than 1,800 million baht.
  • More than 600 stores have been expanded.
  • representing an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters at Central Department Stores across the country

“We select those who join the course from businesses that have the potential to grow. came to learn more and more intensely to expand the business Not coming in to finish school But we want to bring it into practice.”

4 different strengths that meet the needs of SMEs

For the LEAD course, the things that make a difference and the current problems of SMEs arise from 4 strengths:

1. Platform that creates business opportunities and is a business incubator that brings SMEs into the strong ecosystem of Central Group in order to lead to success and achieve real growth.

Central Pattana sees that A successful business requires both passion, readiness and opportunity. Brands participating in the course have been selected to have the potential to build on their success. Central Pattana is responsible for creating opportunities for learners.

2. Real learning with real people – doing real things in real places – real growth with the number one retail business

Participants will get both Business Networking and try it out. Collaboration with other brands that have been selected that have the potential Learn both Knowledge & Know-How on various topics. that meets the needs of doing business in this era

As well as doing real practice, selling through a sandbox workshop called ‘LEAD Pop-Up Market’ in the shopping center area in the best location, there is a continuous Draw Quality Shopper. With marketing to attract customers with purchasing power, as well as retail platforms that are complete in all models, including online, offline and on-ground, which this year has been tested at Central World and Central Rama 2.

3. Have tried doing Brand Co-Creation

Learners will have to breakthrough their own concept in order to generate new ideas, new products and practice Co-Creation with classmates across categories between Food, Fashion and Specialty, bringing the differences of each brand to develop new products or services. other This model helps transform entrepreneurs to create new innovations and can create new products and new brands that can be used to actually extend to the business.

By giving learners the opportunity to try new markets, new products on the real field, meet real customers, get to know Consumer Insight from customers’ mouths like they do online but may never know. Some brands even say that “I understand that my customers are only teenagers, but when I come to the Pop-Up Market, I know that adults and middle-aged people also buy their products” or some brands that used to focus only online. When there is a storefront for customers to see have tried the real product make more sales Therefore, brands want to focus more on physical stores.

4. Experience from this course can be used to help scale up the business for real.

After learning for real, doing for real, then Passion arises to bring knowledge and experience to expand your own business. Many brands, from the original that only sell online, can’t see the image of selling offline with a storefront. But after studying with LEAD, I saw opportunities to grow in many forms, including doing New Branding, New Product, New Target Group and expanding the storefront in many formats, including Flagship Store, Pop-Up, Kiosk, etc.

“Normally, SMEs are like a straight-forward racehorse. But joining the LEAD course will allow you to learn from various matters, especially Co-Creation that gains new perspectives. From the brands that we have worked together,” Asst. Prof. Pitipee Ruammek, CEO & Founder Embition Corp Co., Ltd. Business strategy consultant Innovation and Marketing added, “The LEAD course is like a fast track for SMEs to get a real trial area. before extending it to make the business grow in the future.”

Confirmed by real successful people

To confirm that the LEAD course has created success for SMEs, we spoke with representatives from 5 brands that have received various awards from the LEAD course by Central Pattana.

1. New Concept Store for Business Growth – ‘Fat Buns’ expands into a new brand ‘Good Tea House’

Sureeporn Poonsakpaisal, Managing Director of Kouan Steamed Buns and Tea Co., Ltd. and Chongdee Poonpol Co., Ltd., said that the beginning of the business came from ‘Salapao Go Uan’, which is a steamed bun shop that has been in Hat Yai for more than 40 years, created its name from ‘fried buns’ that are unique. The crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like no other.

After that, he began to expand his business into Bangkok, developing by trial and error, adjusting business models to suit each market. Until starting to expand more branches There are currently 22 branches in Bangkok. and nearby provinces

The origin of ‘Chong Dee Tea House’ originates from the drink menu ‘Southern Tea’, which is another outstanding and best-selling menu. show the opportunity at this point And would like to continue to make more drink menus, which have many traditional local drinks that I would like to bring to customers to taste

“The LEAD course helps us to reach the business goals that we have set. It’s a course that allows us to actually try it out. to apply Adapt to current business And it is an opportunity to build further business,” said Sureeporn. “There is also an opportunity to do collabs with other brands. who are classmates come out as new menus, increase sales, add color to the brand as well as new business perspectives.”

For the year 2023, Sureeporn said will create a brand ‘Brew Dee Tea House’ to be known and trial and error with various shop models There will be a total of 5 branches open together, although the business is highly competitive. But a well-brewed teahouse will differentiate itself from being a unique Southern tea.

2. Omni Sustainability for business & Community – Tempered brand

Tempered is a Thai chocolate brand made from 100% locally grown cocoa. Chanikan Tanboonperm, Exclusive Chef and Co-Founder, Tempered Cooperatives, said that he brought produce from Chanthaburi and Chiang Mai to start production.

“Because chocolate is not in the behavior that Thai people eat regularly. Therefore, we bring it to both savory food, sweet food and beverages. to allow consumers to choose to eat when they want This will make Thai people truly have access to chocolate.”

Another outstanding feature of Tempered is its Zero Waste production process, using renewable energy within the building. Use biodegradable packaging. and support sustainable agriculture

“The LEAD 4 project teaches us to think realistically, act realistically, or call it real pain as well. But everything is an experience that can’t be bought anywhere else. We have tried to think, try to collab Brand with other brands in the model and plan new marketing strategies. Including the product to meet the needs and reach more customers. It can be seen from the sales increase of about 20-30% per month from about 500,000 to about 600,000 to 650,000 baht.

Future Plans Tempered would like to collaborate with other brands. along with expanding more branches and product development Including bringing Thai chocolate to foreign countries

3. Omni Brand & Omni Channel for Business Growth – Nineties Design

For ‘Nineties Design’ Kanyanat Piyachaiwut, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Inspiration Design Co., Ltd., said that the beginning was inspired by the fashion of the 90s.

including observing other brands in the market and found There are hardly any brightly colored clothes. There are a variety of fabric colors. Including a cute design Therefore, the idea was born to be a Thai brand that produces high-quality T-shirts at an international level, using good fabrics, easy to put on, and bringing out the cute and bright personality of the wearer.

“Since coming to study LEAD 4, I have applied what I have learned in business expansion from 20 current branches to 30 branches (within 5 months) along with opening a new brand. The NINE brand focuses on customers aged 25. -40 years old who likes high quality t-shirts. and wear every opportunity.”

In 2023, there is a plan to expand Nineties Design and NINE brand to complete 50 branches and create other brands. in the group about 3 brands from different customer groups to keep the customer base for all ages

4. Partnership & Collaboration for Business Growth – Brand Moreover

Moreover, it is a brand of used Home decorations that are creative and minimal, suitable for every style of home. Nawat Saksirisilp, Founder & Design Director of Kandee Co., Ltd., said that the business started with the sale of home furnishings. that is unique in its simplicity By developing the brand to have products that respond to a variety of questions about beliefs or smells

“After studying LEAD 4, we have developed a better stock and sales management system. This makes it possible to expand distribution channels more and more efficiently. (2 times more distribution channels within 3 months)”

In the future, Nawat aims to grow by focusing on expanding products from partner brands. or projects done with other brands to sell within the Overlaps by Moreover store, including collecting customer databases to make a CRM system as well

5. Supply Chain Management & Scalable for Business Growth – Amatas brand

Palawut Charoenjitman, Managing Director, Micron Group, said that Amatas started as a collaboration project between Micron Group, a company formed by leading kitchenware manufacturers and distributors, and Jacob Jensen Design, a global design firm from Denmark. who want to make kitchenware products with both Amazing Function and Tasteful Design

In addition to making products in their own brand The company has also branched out to make ‘AMATAS Home’ which is like a store that selects products from around the world. For example, FIKA wok from Korea has enabled rapid growth as a Curated Multi-Brands Kitchenware Store.

“At first we narrowly viewed ourselves. that it is enough to only make products under one’s own brand, but after learning LEAD 4, there was a Growth Driver in becoming a Multi-Brands Kitchenware Store, which made the business grow rapidly.”

Palawut plans to use his retail knowledge to develop into a kitchenware store that collects products with Amazing Function and Tasteful Design for modern living. which has set a revenue target of 500 million baht in 2025

8 advice to SMEs entrepreneurs in this era

At the end, Dr. Nattakit left 8 recommendations for SMEs entrepreneurs in this era, namely:

  • Target Opportunities: Doing business from having a Target Group as a location
  • Product Value: Understand the value of your own product and make a clear segment that your product can match with.
  • Add Value: Create Reason to Buy, increase product value reasonable price upgrade
  • Business Ecosystem: Must bring yourself or the brand into an environment that will stimulate growth. and taking into account sustainable growth
  • Open-minded: Running a business alone cannot be as successful as having Partners and doing Co-Creation with other brands, resulting in New Product, New Development and New Opportunities.
  • Adaptation: Online brands must open the world of Physical Stores / those with storefronts must expand the platform to go online.
  • Profit and Loss / Cost Management / Stock Management: It is important to know
  • do Branding: Create Engagement with Customers

For those who are interested in the LEAD course, please prepare yourself. Then click to apply to join the LEAD 5th generation at


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