RBD releases new version of “SHEA”


(CNN Spanish) – This week our music premieres are headlined by one of Latin music phenomena, RBD, who released a new version of one of their hits.

Also on the top of our list are the singer Paulina Rubio, the Argentine Tiago PZK, the return of Bunbury, among others.

In Zona Pop CNN we compile some of the most outstanding premieres. Check out the list of these music premieres and their videos.

Music releases of the week:

RBD, “I have always been here”

The Mexican band RBD, which has been in the news in recent weeks for its world tour, returns with new music and that is why it heads our list of musical premieres.

It is a new version of one of the songs that has been part of their hit list: “I’ve always been here”, or “SHEA” as it is also known by the band’s fans.

This new version features the voice of Dulce María.

Tiago PZK, “Slow”

The Argentine interpreter Tiago PZK presented “Slow” last week, a trap in which he talks about the challenges that being recognized brings with it.

“Slow” was directed by the singer himself. The images of him were recorded with his iPhone during his “Portales Tour 2022” tour.

In the video the artist is seen in cities like Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, London, Madrid and New York.

Paulina Rubio, “It’s not my fault”

The Mexican singer Paulina Rubio enters our list of musical premieres with “It’s not my fault.”

The song talks about the need to escape one night to go dancing and have a good time.

The song was written by Paulina Rubio, Viviana Carolina Nava Ochoa, Patrick Romantic and Rec 808. The last two also produced the song.

Antonia Jones, “19y33”

The emerging Colombian singer Antonia Jones presented her first song of the year. It is about “19y33”, a song based on her life, when she was 19 years old when she dated a 33-year-old man.

“The song and the video reveal the importance of therapy for me because, at the time, doing it led me to a necessary and valuable level of introspection. It is a metaphor of music as a great therapy. That is what I wanted to capture in the video,” Antonia Jones said in a statement.

The song was produced by Juan Sebastián Espinoza. Pop-rock star Juanes was the executive producer of the song.

Jones is the first female singer-songwriter signed to Juanes’ record company, 1S.

Bunbury, “Invulnerables”

We close our list of musical premieres with the Spanish rock star, Enrique Bunbury.

The singer-songwriter presented “Invulnerables” last week, his return to music after announcing in 2022 that he was retiring from the stage for health reasons.

The theme was recorded in Mexico City in a completely analogical way. The video was directed by Adam Jodorowksy.

Other notable musical premieres:

Mario Bautista, León Leiden, “Sorry”

Niña Pastori, “Put it on”

Dalex, Ryan Castro, Symon Says, “Perreándote”

Chris Wandell and Rauw Alejandro, “As friends”

César Pinzón, “Slow Motion”

ROA, Hades66, “UuU”

Noriel, “Art”

Vale and Marco Mares, “Time Machine”

Joonti, “Your cat”

Wiplash, “Traitor”

Gusi, “When”

Jorkan and Izaak, “Something for the heart”

Izzy Guerra, Ery and Gadiel, “I Like Perreo”

VF7, “Ricotta”

Zulia “Martyr Complex”

Andry Kiddos, “Friend of the Moon”


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