Cerveteri – Starting from Wednesday 1st March to 30th Julyit will be done absolute prohibition to enter with dogs inside the protected area of ​​the Natural Monument of the Swamp of Torre Flavia. The prohibition is in force from the “Ezio alla Torretta” factory and in a southerly direction towards Torre Flavia. To establish it is union ordinance n.2 of 27 January 2023, signed by the mayor of Cerveteri Elena Gubetti.

“We are going through a very important phase inside the marsh of Torre Flavia – he declared Francesca Appetites, Councilor for Environmental Sustainability – indeed it is the period of nesting of rare bird species that are in serious numerical decline and therefore at risk of extinction. Carelessly accessing the area would put them at risk.

It could involuntarily stepping on a nest, the eggs, or the chicks, which as soon as they are born, would be frightened or preyed upon from dogs and other animals. For this reason, as every year, accepting the request of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital and of the Volunteer Associations, and obviously also of our Delegate for the Enhancement and Protection of Protected Areas Roberto Giardina, we have issued the usual ordinance with which the absolute prohibition, for the entire nesting period, to access the area with dogs and to carry out any activity that could jeopardize the habitat”.

“With this occasion – concludes councilor Appetiti – I would like to thank Corrado Battisti, contact person for the Protected Area for the Metropolitan City and all those who always work for the Torre Flavia marsh. Just as I care about a right nowwish a good job to the Police Forces and to all the voluntary environmental associations that they will be committed to ensuring that this ordinance is respected”.

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