It will be entitled Randal’s Tuesday and is the new work of the Spanish studio Nuclear Tales

It seems incredible but it’s been nine years since Nuclear Tales will take ‘groundhog day’ to the extreme thanks to the graphic adventure Randal’s Mondaya very particular video game with a charismatic protagonist who jumped from PC to mobile phones and even debuted on PlayStation 4.

Well, the Alicante Nuclear Tales have already announced that they are starting to work on the prequel to Randal’s Monday and that it will be called, naturally, Randal’s Tuesday, and it is that despite the fact that the game is a prequel (previous), since it goes on sale later, they have decided to call it Tuesday and not Sunday; In addition, due to the events that take place, it could not be done on Sunday either, since here I leave you with the first details of Randal’s Tuesday that we have confirmed by the study:

First details of Randal’s Tuesday

  • This new adventure will be released in 2024, the approximate window is for the middle of the year and the platforms have not been confirmed yet ⭐
  • Funding is sought through Kickstarter, you can see his page here but they begin to open it from April of this 2023 ✅
  • This time we will live the life of Randal at the University, it is a new game made from the ground up ✅
  • We will be able to control up to 3 different characters, and each one of them will have access to certain scenarios, objects and abilities that will be exclusive, thus forcing the players to use all 3 of them 🤩
  • We will be able to enjoy a demo with multiple endings when the Kickstarter campaign begins next April⭐

I leave you here teaser trailer:

What do you think of the new ad? Nexus Game Studios and Nuclear Tales? I liked it a lot Randal’s Monday, so this new adventure will fall yes or yes. Remember: your campaign will start next April and the playable demo will be enabled. Can’t wait for it to be Tuesday!


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