“Ragnarok Origin” begins CBT service, classic gameplay will make an appearance to the public again.

The sequel to the original version of the game. “Ragnarok Origin” game produced by Gravity Game Hub (GGH) PTE.LTD Affiliates GRAVITY Co., Ltd. Announced that it will be open for testing. CBT limited edition It also launched “Variety of career classes to choose from” “Guild system” “Realistic playing system” Including introducing content in the game, etc.

Game news “Ragnarok Origin” opens a limited number of CBT services.
CBT Service Hours: March 2, 10:00 AM to March 22, 11:59 PM (GMT+7).
Types of CBTs: It is a limited payment CBT test. And reset the data at the end of the test.
How to enter CBT : Upon joining DC, an official APK will be given for downloading the PC version during the CBT if one creates the character first. will be able to participate in the test which will be open to create characters for only 20,000 people

Rewards for paid tests during CBT:
During the paid open trial CBT test Players will receive rewards when participating in the feedback event.
The number of top-ups accumulated during CBT All will be returned in the form of Nyan Berry After the game is officially open to play online
While the game is officially open for online play Players must log in with the same account they used during the session. CBT to get rewards and the amount they top up
In addition, when participating in the game test period CBT Rewards and in-game titles will be received after the official release.

Classic career multi-class system
“Ragnarok Origin” It’s the masterpiece of the RO series, the classic system of the original version. A variety of career class changes will also be available in this version of the game. Start by logging into the game as a new player. Then choose to change a career from 1 of 6 careers according to the player’s satisfaction. Each profession has its own style. and have different fighting strengths where every player can find their favorite career

In addition, when reaching that level, they can choose their own class to change to the next class as well. Choosing the next class change not only improves combat efficiency. But there are also different career path options. Allows players to focus on playing skills and a variety of playing styles

RO As an early player community building game, it makes Ragnarok Origin There is a system that will allow players to create interactions between players with each other. Rich and diverse guild system can meet the needs of different players There are many types of guild support systems. make no matter which player can help find a suitable way to develop the guild.
“Guild” system can join Guild Wars with friends. Relive the happiness while fighting together. and can invite other players to dance together At night guild party and build relationships with new friends There is still preparation before the party. To indulge in cooking a special meal together with loved ones as they wish.

realistic playing system
In addition to the class change system and social functions, “Ragnarok Origin” Also develop playing in the map to be more complicated. In addition to the fishing function in the original version It also adds a function of interacting with different scenes and in-game items to the map, such as chairs, cliffs, and stairs, etc. These are no longer just decorations. In which players will be able to sit on the pews in front of the church with friends. Let’s climb a cliff together. Have fun exploring different worlds. freely

“Ragnarok Origin” Improved the difficult and lengthy quest system in the online version better than the previous version by adding adventure quests. Game system that is more enjoyable and challenging into the game itself. This not only reduces repeated AFKs during player quests in the game. But the most important thing is that the game can create interaction between groups of players together. Both setting up a team to go through difficult dungeons, including making friends with friends who love RO games.

Ragnarok Origin will soon be officially open for pre-registration. And will release how to play out to watch each other More game details can be followed at Facebook and group of players Discord of the official account

Official Discord :

About Gravity Game Hub
Gravity Game Hub was established in Singapore in 2021. The core business of the company consists of game development. game publishing and licensing of intellectual property rights
We strive to provide our players with an intense, fulfilling and exciting gaming experience. and create a vibrant gaming community in Southeast Asia.
Gravity Game Hub is a subsidiary of GRAVITY Co., LTD. (NasdaqGM: GRVY).
GRAVITY Co., LTD. is headquartered in South Korea. Focusing on game development and game distribution, the world famous Ragnarok Online game and IP are created by this company and have more than 120 million users worldwide.

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