Qatar: decision on custody of Kaili and Tarabella on Friday


BRUSSELS, 28 FEB – The decision on the appeal against the extension of pre-trial detention for Eva Kaili and Marc Tarabella will be announced by the Council Chamber of the Brussels court on Friday 3 March. This was reported by the lawyers of the former vice president of the European Parliament and of the Belgian MEP at the end of this morning’s hearings. Both are in a state of pre-trial detention within the Qatargate. “It should be emphasized that Mr. Panzeri, given what has come out in the press, has clearly changed his version between his first accusations” against Marc Tarabella “and the second ones. When someone tells the truth, he doesn’t need to change his story. So at least one of the two times he lied and in our opinion he lies every time ”. This was stated by Maxim Toeller, the lawyer of the socialist MEP in prison for Qatargate, at the end of the hearing on the review of the pre-trial detention. “The accusations” by Panzeri “are inconsistent and unfounded and we will prove it,” he added. (HANDLE).


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