Putin congratulates Special Operations Forces one year after its creation


In a message published on Monday, President Vladimir Putin described the Special Operations Forces as the pride of the Russian army, on the occasion of the celebration of an anniversary of its creation.

In his congratulatory message, the Russian head of state points out that all the soldiers and commanders of these units are distinguished by the highest level of training, their ability and their disposition, reports a dispatch from Latin Press.

Similarly, Putin stressed that these troops are capable of acting with the necessary speed in key areas to solve the most complex tasks in any region of the world, where the security and national interests of the Russian people require it.

According to the president, the competent possession of the most modern types of weapons and military equipment and combat experience allowed the Russian Special Operations Forces to form their own unique school of military skill, based on the heroic traditions of the army.

Likewise, Putin recalled that it was the members of that army who crushed the enemy during the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany, and proved their worth in many hot spots.

Putin: The West wants Russia to disappear

On the other hand, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, reiterated this Sunday in an interview that the objective of the West is make the Russian Federation disappear and make the people suffer.

“The partition first of the Soviet Union and then of Russia became the only common goal of the West,” Putin declared.

The Russian president pointed out that once the Western countries achieve their goal “then
they may accept us into the so-called family of civilized nations, but only separately, each part separately.”

He added that the West seeks to create “Muscovites, Urals and so on” in the Russian population.

Putin accused the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of being complicit in Ukraine’s crimes.

“Under the current circumstances, all the major NATO countries declared that their main goal is to inflict a strategic defeat on us so that our people suffer, as they say. So how not to consider its nuclear capabilities in these circumstances? Especially since they are supplying Ukraine with weapons worth tens of billions of dollars,” Putin questioned.


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