“Projects of the Heart” for the Terracina area


Terracina – The official inauguration ceremony of the new means of transport for disabled people which the Association will take care of was held on Wednesday 22 February, in Via Marconi, 28 in Terracina. For years, the institution has been close to those living in difficulty, providing assistance in terms of accompaniment and support to patients with walking difficulties and their families. These are transport services for people who need protected accompaniment to or in hospitalization and treatment healthcare facilities, or to and from other places (e.g. to and from home, rehabilitation facilities).

Thus Progetti del Cuore cuts the ribbon of another important milestone achieved and will make available a new equipped Fiat Doblò, bearing the management and maintenance costs.

Thanks to the participation of local companies, each according to their own possibilities, this “special” mission for the community has been completed.

The Associazione Promozione Sociale Rete Solidale will therefore have at its disposal a valuable work tool at no cost to continue to carry out its mission on a daily basis and guarantee an important free mobility service to the elderly and their families (social assistance, medical care, education, sport, leisure, etc…).

Upon arrival of the vehicle, during the inauguration ceremony, Fabio Machetti was present, representing Progetti del Cuore, as well as the President Maura Curati and the extraordinary volunteers, the numerous families benefiting from the service and the owners of the supporting activities.

“This vehicle represents a valid aid for our volunteers who follow the children every day – explains the President -. It is aimed at users of the Association who mainly have cognitive disabilities, neurodevelopment syndromes, motor disabilities with significant repercussions in social life and in the processes of socialization and autonomy. We move, as well as on Terracina, also towards the villages of San Felice Circeo, Monte San Biagio and Fondi. The Association’s activities are carried out throughout the week and have an annual duration. In fact, in addition to the traditional activities carried out from October to May, there are summer ones with daytime marine camps and various excursions”.

Among the testimonials of Progetti del Cuore there are well-known names in sport and social commitment, including Annalisa Minetti, Beppe Signori and Andrea Devicenzi: examples of real people, full of passion, champions strongly committed to social issues, who challenge their limits and fight against prejudices, putting their popularity at the service of others. A huge thank you to all those who in various ways have embarked on this journey with us. Alone we can do little. Together we can do a lot.

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