Today (February 27), General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister And the leader of the Palang Pracharat Party (PACC) has expressed his views via Facebook ‘Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan’ on the topic ‘Overcoming Conflict’.


Gen. Prawit stated that although there are many reasons that many people think they should stop and return to a comfortable life which will make them happier Because life no longer feels lacking And that made him think and think again as well. But in the end, he decided to continue working.


One reason is He became attached to the people who co-founded the Palang Pracharat Party until it was successful. He has been the leader in establishing a government that has managed the country for almost four full years. Everyone has hope. dream of continuing to work in politics Everyone has been working hard together. When it’s time to run for elections again It is known that this time will be an intense competition. The fight was very intense. Whoever is not ready, it will be difficult to move on. He would only think of surviving. How can you leave your friends, brothers and sisters who co-created the Palang Pracharat Party that still has dreams?


But deep down in my heart, in my feelings I have another important personal reason. It is the reason that arises from reviewing time and time again about the way out of the nation and what should be done. It is a review that looks through all of one’s life experiences. and draw conclusions about what happened to the country


“I will slowly tell you about what I have experienced, perceived and thought through each stage of my life. Until finally decided to continue working in politics with the idea that he would do good by resolving problems for the country to move forward toward a brighter place”


It begins by telling about the experiences of military service since The ‘young officer’ gradually grew up to the ‘army commander’. ‘Loyalty to the Nation, Religion, King’ all his life until the crystallization of thoughts, beliefs, faith into ‘a soul full of their loyalty’ is stable, never changing.


During most of his life in the military service with such conscience He got to know the concern of people in various circles. to the political possibilities of the country Maybe because they are Most of the voices of concern are therefore directed at politicians.


A group of people who play a high role in the progress of the country. Or to be easily understood as the ‘Elite Group’, who has influence on the country’s progress, looks at the ‘history and behavior of politicians with distrust’ and distrust spreads to suspicion. in ‘Democracy’ and ‘Knowledge of the People’ in choosing politicians to occupy power to run the country’


have distrust of politicians and the choice of the people Make those who play a role in determining the possibilities of these countries agree with the ‘Stop democracy’ for ‘reform’ or ‘revolution’, hoping to improve.


People in this group are all well-wishers. want to see the country develop into prosperity is an experienced person who has proven knowledge and competency If able to persuade to work for the country would be beneficial.


But it is very unfortunate that Those who succeeded in using these talents had no opportunity to come and help the country during a period when the political system allocated people to power according to the quota of the number of MPs elected by the people. Opportunity to come and help the country There is only a period ‘Government comes from special powers’ or revolution. coup only


“Serving in the military for most of my life. It made me know, understand, and have almost the same thoughts as people who have good intentions for these nations.”


However, that was an early idea. despite covering most of the life But after working with politicians and forming a political party both during his time as Minister of Defense and as the ‘founder of the Palang Pracharat Party’ until becoming the ‘leader of the party’


I gained experience in the other side. Which made me understand the need to take the country with me. ‘Democracy’ because in reality politics No matter what most politicians are. But in the end, the country’s administrative power must return to democracy. In which the person who has the power to decide who will be the government to run the country is the ‘people’


There is one undeniable fact: even in every election, ‘Those who seize power in a special way’ will form a political party to fight. which, although finding a way to gain an advantage in the electoral mechanism but the result The ‘authoritarian side’ will always be defeated by the ‘liberal democratic side’. The knowledge of the ‘Elite Group’ can not make the people believe as much as the politicians who associate with the villagers until they are loved. more trust


The text of the article goes on to say that This is the root of the controversial problem. expanding into a rift between ‘The authoritarian side’ and the ‘liberal side’ that cannot find a compromise. because he tried to find a way for himself ‘Win decisively – destroy the other side’ becomes an obstacle to the development of the country. affecting the confidence of foreigners Based on his own experiences through seeing, knowing, listening throughout his life, he approaches the ‘conservative spirit’ and understands the ‘liberal democracy’ that affects the country’s power structure.


“I will gradually tell you the details of each stage of my life. in order to see a clearer picture and will point out ‘The need to overcome conflict’ and then explain why they believe ‘I can do it’ and ‘What will I do’ if people give me a chance.”


The text in the article concludes that Every letter is written by a team with knowledge and expertise to help filter the essence that they want to present to society. to be a way out of the country Just like when he was the commander in chief of the Royal Thai Army, there was a military committee to help with the work. Therefore, when stepping into a politician He also has a political chief of staff as an important force as well. and the content of every upcoming letter has been reviewed by it. and he would like to be responsible for every letter



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