Today (March 1), the office of the Palang Pracharat Party, Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan. As leader of the Palang Pracharat Party, Santi Promphat, secretary general of the party, Wirat Ratanaset, deputy leader of the party, Thammanat Phromphao, members of the House of Representatives (MPs) in Phayao Province together to launch candidates for MPs . Another 31 cases

General Prawit thanked MPs for moving from other political parties to join Palang Pracharat. Thank you to the new candidates who will make a reputation for the party and the old MPs who have not moved to other parties. Although the Palang Pracharat Party was the most sucked into MPs, today there are people moving to the Palang Pracharat Party as well. That shows that our party is still a strong party.

Gen. Prawit also added that In the last election, the Palang Pracharat Party won the second number of MPs, but this election wants the Palang Pracharat Party to be number 1.

For the list of 31 candidates for the election of MPs, divided into 3 groups as follows

10 candidates for Chonburi Province

  1. Capt. Dr. Jongchai Wongsaithong
  2. Sorawut Nuengchamnong
  3. Satira Puakpraphan
  4. Sarancha Sricholwatana
  5. Permpong Wongsaithong
  6. converge glory
  7. Niphon Jamjamrat
  8. Pramual Emia
  9. Olarn Panyapitiphat
  10. Kavinnath Takee

9 potential candidates for Samut Prakan Province

  1. Akkarawat Assawahem
  2. Dr. Yongyut Suwannabutr
  3. Phirim Poolcharoen
  4. Krungsriwilai Suthinpuek
  5. Thapakorn Kuncharoen
  6. Woraporn Asawahem
  7. Dr. Saen Banyam
  8. Chaturon Nokkamin
  9. Torsak Asawahem

12 candidates from 8 provinces

  1. Thanabadee Khumchana, Chainat Province
  2. Suksan Chuenchit, Chaiyaphum Province
  3. Akkasankiri Loh Weera, Chaiyaphum Province
  4. Sitkawin Teochareonsopha Surin Province
  5. Sethipon Thandee, Surin Province
  6. Natthaphon Chuankratok, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
  7. Pipatpong Phromnok, Khon Kaen Province
  8. Throne of Annopporn, Khon Kaen Province
  9. Nariya Boonset, Phichit Province
  10. Ekawit Ruangmalai, Phichit Province
  11. Yutthana Phosuthon, Suphan Buri Province
  12. Anan Kiew Sod, Krabi Province

When reporters asked General Prawit about the case when the Pheu Thai Party introduced Srettha Thavisin as an adviser to the head of the Pheu Thai family, Gen. Prawit said that “Whoever comes, let’s do it. We have ours.”

When asked by reporters about their confidence in being a leading party to form a government, Capt. Thammanat said that today there are 50 MPs with the Palang Pracharat Party, and there are 50 undisclosed MPs from other parties. many others Therefore, the Palang Pracharat Party has approximately 60 constituency MPs. We are confident that Palang Pracharat will be one of the leaders in forming the government.

“Now, the duty of candidates for MPs is how to get them back to the parliament again, which is important,” said Capt. Thammanat.

When asked by reporters about the Palang Pracharat Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Capt. Thammanat said According to the party’s executive committee, there was a consensus that General Prawit would be nominated solely as prime minister.

Capt. Thammanat said about the party’s economic team that In the past, the weak point of the party was the economic team. But today the party has several economic teams who have experience as ministers. He was confident that the party’s economic team was second to none.

When the reporter asked how the trend of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party in the north was, Capt. Thammanat said: please don’t criticize before joking with the media that “In the northern region of Thammanat, the trend is strongest.”


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