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The talent agency Art One Entertainment reported that the singer Maon Kurosaki passed away on February 16 due to the worsening of a chronic illness. Kurosaki underwent emergency surgery for an epidural hematoma (bleeding between the skull and the membrane surrounding the brain) in September 2021, after collapsing in the middle of a live concert earlier that month.

Maon Kurosaki

After being discovered while working as an artist in Akihabara, Tokyo, she made her major debut in 2010, performing the Anime‘s ending theme songs. Highschool of the Dead. In September 2010 she released her debut album HOTD, which includes the musical themes of the aforementioned series. The first two singles from her were used as the ending theme songs for the Anime. Toaru Majutsu no Index 2nd Season.

Kurosaki’s music was influenced by his love of Anime and lolita fashion. Her songs have appeared in various Anime series, such as jormungand, Tokyo Ravens and The Fruit of Grisaia. She collaborated with artists like mommy kawada, kotoko and trustrick for their musical releases. She was a regular performer at Japanese Anime events like LisAni, Animelo Summer Live and Animax Musix. From 2011 to 2016, she was the singer of the synthpop group AltimaWith motsuof the group move.

Finally, Maon Kurosaki formed a musical unit with Sayaka Kandaknown as ALICES. Kurosaki was emotionally devastated after Kanda’s death (apparent suicide) in December 2021, even registering a star in her name in January 2022.I will always love Sayaka-san and we will always be together, that will never change! I was always proud that we were together. When we meet again, please receive me with your usual smile and let’s have the concert we couldn’t do. Thank you very much for being with me“, he wrote at the time.

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