Police doctors look at the symptoms of ‘Tawan-Bam’ settling in front of the Supreme Court Ready to help 24 hours a day


Today (February 28) in front of the Supreme Court, Gate 3, Ratchadamnoen Nai Road, Pol. Commander of the Metropolitan Police 1 (Director. Nor. 1) along with a medical team from the Police Hospital part of the work group, the center sends back and the Human Rights Commission come to ask for a physical examination Tawan-Tantawan Tuatulanon and Bam-Orawan Phupong, two political activists who perform activities ‘Lying down and fasting in front of the Supreme Court’

Pol.Lt.Col.Dr.Peechalerm Pisanusan, MD, emergency medicine repatriation unit Police Hospital said the medical team had assessed the two in critical condition. And the blood has a high acidity. It was believed that if they were allowed to starve themselves, they would risk renal failure, liver failure, and disability. for both of them to have better health and if both wish to travel to the hospital The Royal Thai Police is happy to facilitate

Initially, from the assessment through images published from various media. The couple had about 50 percent exhaustion as they looked, now in a state of emergency. because he was unable to move by himself therefore preliminary assessment that Both of their bodies couldn’t take it. have to go through the treatment process

Lt. Col. Dr. Peechalerm went on to say that Authorities did not force them to go to a police hospital for treatment. If you wish to go to any hospital, they are ready to coordinate with you. But if it’s in critical condition, then you have to go to the nearest hospital.

Then Kritsadang Nutcharat, a lawyer, said that the two wanted to know the reasons for which agency they were doctors. And has it been approved by both of them to go in for a physical examination or not? Because both of them have the right to their own bodies. which is a personal right

Lt. Col. Dr. Pichalerm replied that The medical team comes from the Royal Thai Police. Responsible for taking care of people in every dimension Going in for a physical examination today will ask for permission first. will not be made arbitrarily And if not allowed, the team will not enter and will ask a lawyer to coordinate it.

The reporter asked the lawyer whether Currently, Tawan and Bam’s illness has someone to take care of them or not. Krisadang said Each day symptoms are already checked. but cannot disclose details Personally, I would like both of them to return to the treatment process.

Later at 3:30 p.m., Krisadang said At this time, Tawan and Bam agree to allow the medical team to examine the initial symptoms. but allowed only 1 person to enter, did not allow them to draw blood, measure blood pressure or do any procedures Because when I have experience from doctors at Thammasat Hospitalhonorin taking care of yourself initially As for the reason why I agreed because I saw that the doctor was considerate to come and check. but do not want to travel to the hospital for treatment

However, after 30 minutes, Krisadang said He asked to be the one who reported the sickness. because doctors cannot disclose patient information Because it is a medical ethics. He, as a relative, therefore asked to perform his duties.

In this regard, the doctor has educated the patient that he should not continue fasting. due to exhaustion and dehydration Day-to-day symptoms are not stable. Due to the nature of the symptoms of malnutrition. but still recognizable and interactive

In the past, myself and my family recommended Tawan and Bam that Consider how to fight for the importance of your own life. From talking, both of them seem more comfortable after the news that they will break up the activity point. To prepare medical tools to prepare for future treatment

Kritsadang further said that If both of them enter a critical condition, they can coordinate with the police hospital 24 hours a day to send them to the nearest hospital. But if in an emergency You can request a helicopter to pick you up.

Maj. Gen. Atthaporn said that the police cooperated with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The Phra Nakhon District Office came to take care of cleaning and sweeping garbage in the protest area. Confirmed that no force was used to pressure the activity in any way. Go to preparedness, care more.

As for those who have bad intentions to create situations The police, both in and out of uniform, are now taking additional care.

For the case that there is a news flow that Officers will break up the rally in the area. Because the sign was written in jeopardy of court, it was reported that there was a miscommunication between the officials and the protesters. because the officers wanted Tawan and Bam’s resting place including the crowd Move to the back of the Supreme Court building. in order to have shade to escape the sun


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