Pokémon Scarlet and Purple receive new teraid raids with previously unreleased Pokémon Paradox


The week has just started in style after the broadcast of a very special program for millions of players around the world. A few minutes ago a new edition of Pokemon Presentsthe space in which those responsible for the franchise share all kinds of news that are to come, and among the many announcements made, I have to highlight one focused on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Many fans of the series expected to receive news of a possible new installment of Mysterious World, however GameFreak closed the event with information regarding the future of the last two main installments of the IP. Yeah, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will receive two DLC throughout 2023but Today they also release a series of news related to teraincursions and paradox creatures.

Two New Paradox Pokémon

scarlet pokemon
  • And what creatures can be captured? Well, neither more nor less than two never-before-seen Paradox Pokémon, Waterripple and Ferverdor❗❗
  • Water Ripple (Water|Dragon type) is the paradoxical form of Suicune and is exclusive of Scarlet🔴
  • Ferverdor (Grass|Psychic type), which comes from Virizion, only can be obtained in Purple🟣
  • Both teraids They will be active until March 12📅

The future of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Beyond the theraid issue, GameFreak is working on expand the gameplay experience of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Like the previous installments, this year it will be released a great DLC of history, with the news that it will be Divided in two parts. The first will come out in the fall and the second in the winter.

Beyond this, it is unknown if there will be more post-launch content in 2024 or if the developer will terminate this generation of Pokémon. Do you want to try the expansions?


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