was coming Pokemon Presents and everyone wanted the following: pokemon video game news. This is so, no matter how much there are mobile applications, card games and other variants, the reality is that when people really vibrate it is with the video games of the franchise. Nintendo. Therefore, it is clear that the news of the day is neither more nor less than the DLC ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’ for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, which will be available this same 2023.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be in charge of expanding the content of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Then I leave you with the trailer for which confirmation has been given of this Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC during the Pokémon Presents on February 27:

And now that you’ve had a look at the trailer in question, let me leave you with All the details to take into account about the content that it will provide:

  • To begin, it must be said that the DLC of ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’ It will take place in 2 different parts.. The first of the parts will land during a date to be specified from the fall 2023and the second party will do the same during the winter 2023. 😍
  • On the other hand, part 1 of the DLC will receive the name of ‘The Turquoise Mask‘, while part 2 of the DLC will be called ‘The Indigo Disc‘. The DLC in question will soon be available for pre-order in the Nintendo eShop. 😮
  • This is the premise of both parties from the DLC:
    • The Turquoise Mask: As students we will visit the Noroteo region on a school field trip. This adventure will take players beyond Paldea. 👌
    • The Indigo Disc: In this case the players will become exchange students of the Arándano Academy. 🤟
  • Both parts of the DLC will feature exclusive content regarding the base game of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, such as the presence of unavailable Pokémon in the Paldea region. Also, at the time of purchase the DLC will be delivered to players a series of new uniforms. 💪
  • As an additional gift, if the DLC is purchased before October 31, 2023, you will receive a code with which to get a special Hisui Zoroark that cannot be obtained during the normal course of a game. 🥵
  • On the other hand, there will be exclusive legendary pokemon depending on the part that is played: in part 1 will be ogerpon and in part 2 it will be possible to find Therapagos. 🥰

And this is, for now, all you need to know about the DLC ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’ for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Obviously there are still many details to be specified, such as the specific release date or all the new Pokémon that we will find available as a result of the content expansion. In any case, this is a guarantee that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will stay alive during 2023.


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