I have enjoyed “Pokémon Scarlet and Purple” An atrocity. Failures aside, I think they are fantastic titles far superior in all aspects to “Pokémon Sword and Shield”. For that reason, I look forward to your Expansion Passbecause I’m looking forward to diving into new adventures.

However, today I come to talk about the The only aspect of the game that doesn’t finish convincing me: the teraid events (well, just some of them) from “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple“. Are you wondering why? I’ll tell you everything in detail right now.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Teraincursion

My Frustration With The Teraid Events In Pokemon Scarlet And Purple

This is my opinion about it:

  • before anything, I will tell a little about my gaming experience. I have traveled quite a bit in the Paldea region with the goal of completing the Pokédex (well, the truth is that the real goal was to have fun). 🔎
  • As a result of these trips, and having completed the whole story, I have a team that is around level 80and several Strong Pokémon from level 75 and up. 💪🏻
  • I’m aware of It’s nothing from the other worldbut also I am proud of what I have achieved, because it has cost me many hours (more than 100, to be exact). ⏳
  • Unfortunately with this my team and I can’t even compete in several of the Teraincursions events. 😭
  • I give an example: Pikachu’s with Water Teratype. I was excited to get one of these on the anniversary of Pokémon. Unfortunately, there were two circumstances. 👀
  • The first: he participated in combat, I was a drag on my teammates and we lost. The second: the person who organized the raid I suspended it when I saw that I (or someone else) was not going to use X Pokémon. ❌
  • Although it seems otherwise, I applaud that high difficulty events are made for the more “pros”. The problem is that I think there should also be a version of the event for those of us who are not so good. 🤔
Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Pikachu Teratype Water
Pikachu, you were too much for me
  • I will now give an example of the opposite. The event that is being held with the new Pokémon Paradox, Ripplewater and Ferroverdor. ❤️
  • This one, which is 5 stars, I find it challengingbut at least I can compete and it’s more satisfying if we manage to win. 💥
  • But the 6 and 7 star events… are too much for me, especially the latter. TO greninja I managed to catch him because he had very good teammates, but in the end I ran out of Pikachu. 😔
  • It’s a shame, but looking at my experience with Pikachu, surely I will not participate in the next event that is only 7-star Teraids. Because all I’ve gotten trying is annoy other Trainers and Trainers. ❌
Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Waterwave Ferverdor
Personally, I think this event has the perfect difficulty: challenging, but not impossible.

And up to here it comes in this article in which I tell my negative experience with some of the Teraincursions events of “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple“. Do you agree with my opinion? Or do you think I’m complaining for no reason? I invite you to leave me your impressions in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you that “Pokémon Sleep” has finally been presented. If you want to know all the details about this game, that all you need is sleepI invite you to follow the link that I leave you.


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