The great classics of the saga, the ones that started it all, will be part of the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy catalog

It’s been a few weeks since it’s available on Nintendo Switch Online gameboy console, in addition to Game Boy Advance, which is part of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass. Although today we are going to focus on the first of the two consoles mentioned since pokemon red and blue They belong to said laptop, although this opens the door for Game Boy Advance ones to be included one day, which would be a vice for millions of players.

But going back to the topic, in this post I am going to focus on the arrival of Pokémon Red and Blue to the Game Boy of Nintendo Switch, something that has been rumored for quite some time. And even more so since the Game Boy came to Nintendo Switch Online, since those two installments would have been mandatory to include in the catalog, but they said nothing. Already when they announced a Pokemon Presents, things intensified and most of the players already thought about what I am going to tell you about today.

Pokémon Red and Blue on Nintendo Switch Online

Well it’s been through Reddit and the account of where they have collected and shared that briefly added songs from Pokémon Red and Blue to the official Pokémon website:

  • This, of course, is still a small hint that does not reflect any kind of official announcement at the moment ❌
  • However, this adds to all the rumors that were out there, causing a lot of people assume that they are indeed going to announce the arrival of these games on Nintendo Switch Online
  • If so, that’s something we’ll see in a few hours during Pokémon Presents, and surely add them after presentation ✌️
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What would you think if these games were added? with the possibility of playing online and transferring Pokémon without the need for a link cable like years ago? Definitely, It may be the dream of all fans of the first Pokémon. Now, yes I wish they add Pokémon Emerald in the future.


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