I did not expect this collaboration at all and the truth is that the result is quite cool

I admit that I am quite a classic person in certain ways, especially with my consoles, since I have never customized them and have always kept them in their original state, so to speak. But I do have to say, that I have come across many of them with a different style and they have seemed quite beautiful, really. The PS5 console currently features numerous skins and other custom accessories.

Previously, one of the accessories it had was a custom DualSense with a collaboration with God of War: Ragnarök. A beautiful controller, by the way, of course. And today, PlayStation has announced a new collaboration with a colossus of the world of sports, nothing more and nothing less than Lebron James, together with whom he has created a line of accessories for PS5.

This is how cool these PS5 accessories look

  • PlayStation Playmaker has brought this fantastic collaboration with Lebron James and the result is great. 🤩
  • The accessories designed they are a DualSense and a cover for the PlayStation 5 console. ⭐
  • Both the DualSense and the cover are black and contain drawings that show Lebron James’s passion for video games and sports. 🤩
  • The athlete himself he is happy for his collaboration next to PlayStation. 💞
  • This collaboration has been presented through a post in the official playstation blog. ✅

Everything indicates that this will not be the only collaboration that we see from a famous athlete, since, PlayStation Playmaker is an initiative that has been created so that well-known fans of the company come together to make their own designs for accessories for the new Sony console.

How can I get these accessories?

Well, after having been presented by PlayStation, they have made it known that these can be reserved at the end of this present 2023 through the website of direct.playstation.com. Its exact date of availability is unknown, it has only been made known that they will have limited units.

What do you think of this collaboration? The truth is that both the design of the covers and that of DualSense are quite original, stylish and very, very cool.


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