Leticia Gómez, vice minister of International Tourism, and president of the state tourism agency, Venetur, reported on Instagram of a videoconference “with the aim of expanding air connectivity between Italy and Venezuela in order to promote receptive tourism.”

According to the official’s publication, the telematic meeting included the director of Rimini Airport, Leonardo Corbucci, and the general director of Tourism for the Emilia Romagna region, Emanuele Burioni, together with Victor Alcalá, one of the tour operators involved. , in addition to the counselor minister of the Venezuelan Embassy in Rome, María Elena Uzzo.

The vice minister pointed out that this initiative is part of what was instructed by President Nicolás Maduro, on February 22 during the inauguration of the Sebastián Francisco de Miranda Historical, Cultural and Memorial Complex, in the historic center of La Guaira, when he urged the development of a “ new alternative economy” to the oil rentier.

Gómez indicated that with this air connection with Italy, Venezuela increases both national and foreign tourist flights and the flow of visitors.

It is worth remembering that on that occasion, from La Guaira, Maduro showed the development of the Entrepreneurial Engine, refuting the statements of the Spanish newspaper El País according to which the Bolivarian government used “avatars created with artificial intelligence (AI) through software Synthesia”, to promote tourism.


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