PIO FC vs Porcinos FC full summary, all the goals and result of Ronaldinho’s debut


Ibai can make the season bitter for Rives or, those of PIO, they can make Porcinos lose the lead

High board vs low board, CHEEP that carries two wins in a row meets the wall of Porcinos. The little pigs have six wins in a row and the little birds need to win because they are very close to the table and cannot make a false step in this tight kings league.

Porcinos is already classified for the next phase and PIO is risking everything. Those of Ibai can lose the leadership and Rivers his opportunities to reach the playoffs. A totally decisive confrontation. Besides, both presidents will be live from the Cupra Arena so it is very possible that we will see President Penalty.

player 12

CHEEP repeat with Carlos Corvo, which has given them great results. The player is a member of the futsal xBuyer Team.

Pigs brings us a fichajazo Spectacular, a great historical player with a lot of things to tell about him: ex-soccer player, ex-convict, singer, Olympic medalist. That’s right, the great Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Secret weapon

Summary of PIO FC vs Porcinos FC

PIO FC x -x Porcine FC

First part:

Second part:

Other matches of day 8 of the Kings League


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