Perry Mason returns to HBO Max with its second season, a new case and a new creative team. rollin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald they left the series at the time and picked up the baton Jack Amiel and michael begler as showrunners. They will be in charge of introducing us perry mason season 2, a series that returns with the same force that left, but with a purpose: to conquer an even larger audience. When it premieres?

When does Perry Mason Season 2 premiere on HBO Max?

  • Perry Mason will be available with the first chapter of its second season on March 7, 2023, just one day after its broadcast in the United States. Simultaneous release is not planned. 🟢
  • As for the release time, season 2 of Perry Mason would see the light around 09:00 in the morning. 🕘

Synopsis and Cast of Perry Mason Season 2

While there is no official synopsis for Perry Mason season 2, the trailer introduces us to the case that this budding lawyer will have to investigate. It all begins with a murder within a powerful oil family. After the events of the first season, Perry He continues to grow as a lawyer, but this case may surpass him like never before. But what seems to be a simple investigation that falls on the inhabitants of a shantytown, suggests that it is something much more powerful.

Perry Mason season 2 premiere date and time on HBO Max
Perry Mason returns on March 7 to HBO Max with its second season

In the distribution we will have again Matthew Rhyswho will be once more Perry Mason. Juliet Rylance will play again Dellaand Chris Chalk to Paul. They are the trio of main characters after Jonathan’s fate is written in the middle of the first season. How will you feel about the changes that have been addressed in the creative part during these last 3 years?

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