Monagas SC continues its passage through the 2023 Futve League season on the right foot, they are currently in the fourth box of the table with 7 units.

Grenddy Perozo current captain of the team assured that the gear of the eastern team has been key, in turn the victory against Angostura strengthens the group even more.

Perozo offered statements to the Monagas press team, in which he was able to express that the team has been solid at the start of the season.

“Normally since I’ve been here it’s been hard for us to start the season, however, we’ve looked good both offensively and defensively. We have been forceful facing the attack and without a doubt, this victory strengthens us to face the new challenges”, assured Perozo.

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The captain also indicated that each player is very focused in each practice and in each game, always geared towards the same objective.

“The squad we have is extensive and we are all prepared for each commitment. The idea is to work on the go and thus be prepared for when the coaching staff requires it. We have healthy internal competition that always seeks the best for the club, ”he emphasized.

Given this, the native of Zuliano, who has international experience, also stated that: “The idea is to have a solid group, to have a high level of competition to be focused. The formula is that each one is prepared to play the matches, ”he concluded.


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