A few days ago the popular Twitter user “@EtherionMaster” shared an update asking his followers what their opinion was on the fan service within the Anime industry.

For those who don’t know the term or perhaps aren’t entirely sure of the definition, fanservice is material that is intentionally added to please the audience, often of an erotic nature such as nudity. It’s all about “serving” the fan, giving him exactly what he wants (or rather, what most of them want).

Today, fanservice is no longer something exclusive to the Anime industry and has expanded into something beyond the erotic. Cameos by popular characters, references to other media, or any plot detours other than to develop the story or a character are considered fanservice.

But “@EtherionMasterhe specifically asked about the erotic fanservice, as he shared four screenshots from the series Fireforce, Nisekoi, Nanatsu no Taizai and Prison School. His post went so viral, attracting over 14 million views and, of course, Western views on the fanservice trend.

fan service

Let’s review the most prominent comments about it:

  • «His presence literally ruins any Anime.».
  • «It’s the massive reason I don’t like isekai Anime. Many Anime that could be good are ruined by this».
  • «The sick will come to try to justify pedophilia and the oversexualization of women in Anime and Manga by saying that it is “part of Japanese culture”.».
  • «Things like fanservice are the reason why I don’t understand why people like Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru. I am a lesbian and I like women. But I stopped watching the series when I saw a naked loli. Pretty much all of the Anime was fanservice! I was so confused as to why I was so popular, and then I saw that everyone saying that was male.».
  • «A good fanservice Anime I ever watched was Kill la Kill, largely because it makes it absurd and essentially forms a legitimate part of the plot. It is fun. In other animes it simply focuses on “violating the space of the girls”».
  • «Absolutely fanservice is something I hate with a vengeance, it’s one of the main reasons why it’s so hard for me to find an Anime that I really like, so many Anime that I was interested in I left because I just can’t stand the amount of fan service».
  • «Nice outfits? Alright. Some seemingly minor characters flirting or posing in a sexual way? Clear. All the Anime full of kinky scenes and sexual harassment? No, thanks. I think fanservice should be light and occasional, not constant.».
  • «The big reason why I stopped watching Anime nowadays. There are some good ones without fanservice, but they’re very rare, so it feels like a treasure hunt. But it’s always satisfying to find one.».
  • «The fanservice is of no use to the story, and it makes me feel sorry for others every time I see it».
  • «This place was filled with people defending fanservice, so much so that its fetid smell reaches me here».
  • «Maybe it would be nice if they ever did fanservice without using underage schoolgirls».
  • «I literally can’t finish the first episode of Nanatsu no Taizai because I couldn’t deal with all the bullying shit the protagonist was doing».
  • «I tried watching Fire Force. I loved the concept, the music, the art, the animation… But the fanservice made it impossible to watch».
  • «I totally agree that fanservice ruins the Anime. Especially since it’s always directed towards women».
  • «I honestly think the Anime would be so much better if they just did fanservice Anime in different genres, instead of pseudo-hentai where they’re too cowardly to go all the way. It’s clearly what some of those shows want to do, and we have to sit there and pretend they’re not weird.».
  • «That’s why I love that Jujutsu Kaisen brought some of the best girls in the industry, and the only shonen I enjoy.».
  • «My opinion is that if it’s done right, it can be good. But if fanservice means stripping/exposing for the sake of “haha fun” and adds nothing to the story, then it’s horrendous. The main reason I couldn’t finish Fire Force. In my opinion, the best fanservice is subtle fanservice».
  • «As a man, this is why I’m not in the Anime “as I should”. Like Anime is great and there’s great Anime I’ve seen, but my friends always recommend me to watch isekais, and I’m just not into it. So I lost interest in Anime at a young age, to the point where I can only watch Anime, Isekais or not, with someone. The one exception is of course the Dragon Ball franchise.».

Fountain: @Romly on Twitter


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