Pa: Uil, since 2008 wages have lost 10 inflation points


ROME, FEBRUARY 28 – From 2008 to today, the wages of public workers “have lost 10.4 points of the Ipca” (the harmonized consumer price index for EU countries). This is what was indicated by the confederal secretary of the Uil, Domenico Proietti, during the conference “Stop the penalization of public sector workers”, recalling that since 2008 in the public sector there was a block on bargaining which lasted until 2016. Therefore, he argued, “we realize that a loan of between 7 and 11 billion would be needed” for the renewal of contracts in the three-year period 2022-24, “to recover inflation and restore dignity and justice to workers”. Proietti remarks that from 2009 to today “the State has saved over 13 billion, due to the cost of salaries, due to the blockage of turnover and the non-renewal of the contract. The staff in seven years has decreased by over 302,000 units. The ‘cost of saving’ for the State cannot continue to weigh on the public sector”. (HANDLE).


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