Otogi no Hako – Author of ERASED announces new action manga


Marcelo Almeida


to magazine Big Gangan announced that the author of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) will launch a new Manga in the edition that will go to sales on March 25.

Or don’t give me work it will be Otogi no Hako no Challenge There will be colorful pages on the outside. An image with the visual of two characters was released together with the ad.

The story was described as a historical drama with sword fights that takes place in the north of Japan.

Source: Manga-on-march-25/.195343″>ANN


Marcelo Almeida

Fascinated by this peculiar thing known as Japanese culture, or that consequently I ended up making myself grow a vice in writing. I adore Anime, Manga and reading/playing almost everything.


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