Other students intoxicated in a school in Tehran


ROME, 01 MAR – Some students became intoxicated after inhaling toxic gas in a high school in the Iranian capital Tehran, in the Tehransar district. This was announced by the Etemad newspaper. Since the end of November, more than 600 students have ended up in hospital after becoming intoxicated due to gas inhalation in schools in various cities across the country. Also yesterday a case was reported in the Khayyam high school in Pardis, a city near Tehran, and 35 female students were taken to hospital. According to a professor at the Qom seminary, the extremist religious group Hazarehgera could be responsible for the poisonings because it opposes education for girls while activists believe it is revenge after many female students demonstrated in recent months against the compulsory veil in following the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old of Kurdish origin who lost her life after being taken into custody by the morality police because she did not wear the veil correctly. (HANDLE).



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