Osvaldo Ríos says he has Shakira songs on napkins


Osvaldo Ríos fondly remembered his relationship with Shakira. This time the Puerto Rican actor wanted to share more intimate details of the relationship he had with the singer, clarifying that he did it with respect, highlighted Gossip no Like.

The Colombian artist since her beginnings has been inspired by her love to create those songs that became a success and that led her to hits like “Flies in the house”dedicated to the Puerto Rican interpreter.

«Yes, it was a very beautiful song that was written to me, among many others that are already public knowledge such as ‘You’, ‘Ojos así’, many others; I practically keep them in napkins, because she wrote on airplane napkins, at least when we were together; the muse hit her on planes,” Ríos said in an interview with the aforementioned site.

Photo: Telemundo

Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos had a brief relationship in the 1990s, when he was 37 and she was 20.

The artist is proud of the singer-songwriter and what he experienced with her. «For me she is the best artist, the most complete that America has produced, that is saying a lot because America has produced many artists, but that they write, that they compose, that they produce, that they sing and that they have the ability to reinvent themselves for three years. consecutive decades, and that my youngest son who is 13 years old knows her in the same way that my mother knows her, she is an artist like few others. We are still not clear about the dimension of her greatness because we have her young, productive, active, but one day we will realize her legacy, her contribution in many genres, “said the actor from “Kassandra”.

He gave him a “verse”

The 62-year-old actor also remembered the verse that he gave him. “Sometimes I gave her a verse inside a poem, and she told me: ‘Baby, can I use this verse for a song I’m writing?’ I told him yes, that is already yours, it is not mine. I gave it to you.”

The theme is “I don’t believe”, from his second studio album, ¿Dónde están los ladrones? (1998). “It has this verse: ‘I want to be your firmament. From your mouth a song, from your wings will always be the wind. That verse she asked my permission to include it and it was a gift that I gave her.

And he continued: “We had a very nice relationship on an emotional and spiritual level that I value and will value all my life, that’s the only thing I’m going to tell you,” he highlighted during the interview.


In previous interviews, Osvaldo Ríos had already released details of the romance, which lasted a year.

«There it was formal, from dad, mom, look at the house, accompanied by brother Tonino; that we are still friends… We had plans to get married and everything, we had seen the house, “he said.

The actor mentioned that he was very fond of the interpreter of “Monotony”, who at that time had released his first album, «Pies descalzos». «I had a whole world to live, when you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give them. He had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to him, not to continue with me, “she said.

Proud of his relationship with the artist, he pointed out that the relationship was before she met the Argentine Antonio de la Rúa. «I was the first. With her I was very loyal and faithful, but at that time I was neither loyal nor faithful. Being with one and the other distracts you, blurs you, nobody takes away my dance, but either you calm down or life takes its toll on you too, “he admitted.

To end his talk on Chisme No Like, Osvaldo took the opportunity to say that he is writing a book where he will talk about important aspects of his life.

“’The House of Celebrities’ was a much-needed existential experience for me, I needed it, because I believe that at 62 years of age, life is still much more intense and profound, but using emotional intelligence more than intelligence. intellectual intelligence. ‘The House of Famous’ helped me understand what is really important and I realize that a being lives inside me that still has a lot to give, in fact I am currently writing a book called ‘The Curve of my life,'” she said.


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