Host – “Escaped” from the hospital, there has been no news of her for several days. Aurora Besi, the 26-year-old girl from Pomezia, seems to have disappeared into thin air. Admitted to the Grassi hospital in Ostia, the girl, who has some mental health problems, voluntarily left the psychiatry ward where she was hospitalized on 25 February. The young woman had arrived at the hospital the day before, when the Torvaianica carabinieri found her in a confused state on the street. Immediately hospitalized, Aurora spent a few hours in the hospital, refusing treatment the next morning.

In the past few hours, after the social appeals, the parents have formally reported the disappearance to the carabinieri of Pomezia, who immediately started the search. However, the social appeal has not stopped and continues to bounce from one group to another: “Help us find this girl. Anyone who sees her should contact the police or Aurora’s father, Mauro”. C’è claims to have spotted her in the Salzare, a popular district of Ardea, the town where Aurora’s mother lives. But at the moment, according to reports from the police, no reports useful for the investigation have arrived in their offices.

The story of the 26-year-old from Pomezia brings back to mind that of Lorenzo Moi, the 21-year-old from Casal Palocco who died hit by an ATAC bus not in service (read here). after escaping from Grassi’s emergency room in January. Moi, who suffered from panic attacks, had arrived at the hospital accompanied by his parents but, after refusing treatment, he had walked away alone, disappearing into thin air in the middle of the night. A few hours later, the 21-year-old was overwhelmed on the Via del Mare. is on GOOGLE NEWS. To keep up to date with our news, click on this link and select the star at the top right to follow the source


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