The queen maker Osmel Sousa informed his followers that he is the leader of the week in “La casa de los famosos”, a reality show of which he is a part and which Telemundo broadcasts.

“How are you?? I am the Leader of the Week in @lacasadelosfamosostlmd 👑 What do you advise me to be a good leader?” commented the “Beauty Czar”, a nickname given to him for the achievements he obtained as president of the Miss Venezuela Organization in beauty pageants.

Osmel’s participation in the competition was filled with great expectations, for being a rather peculiar character. «They are going to meet another Osmel, who is the one that people do not know. I am going to say many things; yes, with a very sharp tongue », he mentioned before entering the premises.

He also said that “among other things, he hates dirt, especially people who speak too loud”, so adding it to an experience with celebrities with all kinds of personalities, among which the Venezuelans Liliana Morillo and Osmariel Villalobos stood out. (both are already out of the competition), he had high expectations for the reactions that Sousa could have.

As never before

In a kind of confession, Osmel Sousa sat in front of a camera and told the reasons that led him to leave home when he was very young.

«When I left my house I felt that they did not approve of me for who I was. I had such an oppressed childhood, I always heard my mother say that she preferred that one of her sons die if he was homosexual (sic) », he recalled.

«And so time passed and I did not see them again for many years. In fact, I never saw my dad again because he died while I was in Venezuela,” he continued recounting.

He added that every time he goes to church, because he goes frequently, the first thing he does is apologize for not approaching his parents. «It is a regret that I carry inside, that today I am sharing with you for the first time, because I do not like to talk about this. Thank you,” she mentioned before breaking down in tears.

also came to share that he never kissed or slept with women and assured that since he was little he wanted to dress up as Rapulsel, a fairy tale princess whose hair grows and lets it fall from the top of a tower where it is locked up.


With 1.3 million followers, Osmel Sousa has received great support from outside “The House of Famous” since before the reality show started.

Without a show, with great sincerity and always faithful to his personality, the beauty queen trainer knew how to win over viewers, who want him to be the one to win the $200,000 crown that Telemundo will award to whoever gets the most votes from the audience at the end of the contest.

Only his last publication in which it is announced that he is the leader of the week, together with Aylín Mujica, obtained 18.3 thousand “likes” and has more than 800 comments.

The successful Telemundo reality show kicked off on January 17. This is the third third edition with the participation of 17 celebrities and two fans.

Currently they survive within the show, in addition to the “Zar”, Mujica, Rey Grupero, Pepe Gámez, Raúl García, Patricia Navidad, Dania Méndez, Arturo Carmona, La Materialista, Diego Soldano, Madison Anderson and José Rodríguez, from an initial group of 19 inhabitants and two more that recently joined.


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