Operation Triton – first sentences, Tirrito (Co.gi): “The role of the Collaborators of Justice is precious. The state shouldn’t forget


“Once again it has proven itself how precious is the understanding with the Collaborators of Justice to block the activities of organized crime”. Talking is Maricetta Tirritospokesperson of the Co.GI (Committee of collaborators of Justice), which refers to the results of the Tritone operation.

With the abbreviated procedure, the first sentences arrived: 260 years in prison for 25 defendants of mafia-type criminal association.

“The operation conducted by the Carabinieri – explains Tirrito – made use of the valuable participation of a collaborator of justice. Even with his indications, in February 2022 it was succeeded in bringing 75 people to prison; not an easy operation – he continues – because the criminal organization was managed to infiltrate local politics, with the aim of influencing tenders and winning contracts.

In 2018 they had imported a 258 kg load of cocaine having arrived in our country thanks to a Colombian trafficker, he had brought millions of euros to the gangs.

These convictions prove how it is essential to take care of the aspect of relations with the Collaborators of Justice, giving them guarantees of support and protection; their work, in fact, never ceases to prove fundamental in helping investigations to have a clear picture of criminal movements. Too often we forget how precious this type of collaboration is, taking it for granted or worse, superfluous; it is not like that, on the contrary it is fundamental, and the State must not forget this”.

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