One Piece author reveals Zoro’s parents and confirms his blood ties to Wano


This week is being quite calm in everything related to one piecesince the Manga is in one of its scheduled stops and won’t be back until next week. For its part, the Anime continues to narrate slowly but surely the events of the Onigashima War. So why is Zoro’s name trending on social media?

Well, it’s basically due to the first leaks of One Piece SBS 105, a special section that is included in the new volumes of the Manga in which Eiichiro Oda (the author) answers various questions from fans. And it seems that one of these issues revolves around zoro’s family. Many people have been thinking about this topic for years, for this reason the mangaka decided to put an end to it by revealing the Swordsman’s official family tree.

Confirmed: Zoro has samurai blood

zoro and ryoma
  • As can be seen in the conceptual map shared by Oda (which has been translated by newworldartur), Zoro has blood ties to Wano Country.
  • A fan theory finally becomes canon: Zoro is a descendant of Shimotsuki Ryoma!❗❗❗❗❗
  • It turns out that 55 years ago, a group of 25 people left Wanoand only 10 of them made it to the East Blue and ended up creating what later became known as Shimotsuki Village🌇
  • Among those ten individuals we should highlight the presence of Furiko Shimotsuki (Ushimaru’s older sister, the samurai who was held captive with Yamato in Onigashima)👩🏻
  • This girl was paired with Rorona Pinzoroa swordsman from said town, and together they fathered a boy named Arashi Roronoa💑
  • Arashi Roronoa had a son with earththe daughter of a band of bandits, and the name they gave her little one was Zoro Roronoa🟢
zoro family tree

And what about Kuina?

Curiously, this official family tree has just sparked more theories among the One Piece fandom. If of the 25 people who left Wano only 10 settled in East Blue, does that mean that the other 15 went to another island?

In that case could explain the fact that Tashigi looks so much like Kuina. The swordswoman of the Navy could be a descendant of those samurai and be related to Zoro’s deceased friend, that is, that could be a shimotsuki. In any case, this is now mere speculation.


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