A new event will start on Friday of Ultimate Team, but we must not forget that this Wednesday we will have another Team of the Week for FIFA 23. It will be TOTW 18 and be careful because the Twitter account @fifa_romania seems to leak that Leo Messi would be one of the IF’s included.

FIFA 23 Leak – Leo Messi IF

As It would be his first In Form of FIFA 23, the logical thing is that it barely had one point more than the gold card. So, unfortunately, it shouldn’t be a big upgrade on that item. And although the shooting, passing and dribbling numbers are very good; he has pretty low stamina and horrible sprint (76).

Except for surprise, the IF should not be one of the most competitive special versions of Ultimate Team. It could perform very well in short distances, but We expect him to suffer against advanced defenses. Although anyway, due to his enormous popularity, we assume that many users would be excited to receive Messi IF as a FUT Champions reward.

Stats in game Messi gold FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Messi has received quite a few cards in FIFA 23, but none were In Form. So the IF should only be slightly better than this gold card.

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