ROME, MARCH 01 – Green light from the Senate Hall for the establishment of a bicameral anti-mafia commission in this legislature. Voting was by show of hands. The Commission is made up of twenty-five senators and twenty-five deputies, chosen respectively by the President of the Senate and the President of the Chamber in proportion to the number of members of the parliamentary groups, in any case ensuring the presence of at least one deputy for each group. The members are appointed also taking into account the specific nature of the tasks assigned to the Commission, which can organize its work through one or more committees. The members of the Commission, officials and personnel of any order and rank and any other person who collaborates with the Commission or carries out or contributes to carrying out investigative acts or becomes aware of them for reasons of office or service are bound to secrecy. The Commission can avail itself of the work of judicial police agents and officers, of internal and external collaborators of the State administration. The expenses for the functioning of the Commission are established in the maximum limit of 300,000 euros for the year 2023 and for each of the subsequent years. (HANDLE).


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