Officials of the different citizen security organizations remain deployed in the 18 trunk roads of the national territory, with the aim of protecting seasonal workers when they return to their homes after the Happy Carnival 2023 holiday.

The information was released by the Sectorial Vice Presidency for Citizen Security and Peace through its account on the social network Twitter, in which it explained that the officials will be vigilant in the different arteries of the country to “protect and serve the people during return to their homes.”

“Our citizen security officials remain deployed in the 18 trunk roads of the national territory to protect and serve the people during their return to their homes on this holiday of #CarnavalesFelicesYSeguros2023“Referred to the account of the Vice Presidency of Citizen Security.

President congratulates deployment

Regarding the deployment of security, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, recognized this Wednesday the work carried out by citizen security organizations during the 2023 Carnival holiday.

“My congratulations to the security organizations that were deployed throughout the country to guarantee the tranquility and protection of the people who mobilized in these Carnivals 2023 and enjoyed the wonders of Venezuela,” said the President through his account on the social network Twitter.

It should be remembered that for this season, the national government deployed more than 139,000 security officials, more than 3,000 vehicles, 6,000 motorcycles, 900 bicycles, 197 boats and boats, eight aircraft, 444 ambulances, and 79 cranes for the protection of the people during the Shrovetide parties.


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