This week Odaiba Editions has announced two new Manga licenses:

let me bite you sweetly

“I… want to be your friend, Matsumoto!”

In the present, where humans and beastmen live in harmony, something has been bothering Matsumoto, a Kishu weredog, who actually likes cats. It is a male calico cat that keeps showing up when he is feeding the cats near the school as part of his daily routine. And… there’s also the fact that he finds Sasaki, a student from the same seminary, cute.

One day, he found out that Sasaki is a werecat, just like that calico cat. From then on, she can hug and caress Sasaki as much as he wants. But the more time they spend together, the more Matsumoto’s feelings for Sasaki go in a direction other than friendship…

This is a fluffy and tender love story between a quiet weredog Kishu who likes to take care of others and a sincerely sweet werecat who start out as friends.

From playboy to bunny

We are the number 1 golden couple that boasts of success when flirting. One night, I was going to play again, but a mysterious drug forced me… And I woke up in the body of a woman! My best friend, who came looking for me, didn’t recognize me and hit on me!?


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